Typos: The Funny & The Humiliating

I’ve been thinking about typos a lot lately.

Mostly because I make several during the course of any given day. I tend to correct the most heinous of these before public consumption, but every now and then, one slips through the cracks. We’re only human I suppose. But for my part, I fear the universe is out to get me.

I once ended a professional email with “Retards,”…. Yeah, it was supposed to say “Regards.” Thankfully, the person who received this email knew it was a typo & had a great big laugh about it. I almost had a coronary, but – thankfully (again) – this was avoided upon finding out that I was not, in fact, fired.

On another, less humiliating, occasion I almost (key word: almost!) sent a tweet that said “You Cock!” instead of the intended “You Rock!” That could have ended badly.

What about God’s punishment for continually typing “dog” every time I mean to refer to Our Father (Thou Art in Heaven)? I reached 666 fans on my SpiffySnaps facebook page & a number that was previously moving at a fairly rapid speed just suddenly halted for 40 minutes. 40 minutes of which I watched the computer like a hawk waiting for the deep bellow of the beast & his swarm of red-eyed demons to come exploding from my iMac in a ring of fiery destruction. That totally didn’t happen, but you made your point, God. I’ll be more careful with my spelling. “Dear Dog” isn’t a fabulous way to start a prayer anyway & certainly not a way to insure that said prayer reaches the right ears. Although, I’m sure God could hear a prayer through a dog’s ears because…well, he’s God.

I seem to keep sticking my foot in my mouth so I’ll stop with the God stuff and just pray for forgiveness later. You think God gives out advances on forgiveness? No? Hm.

I can’t be the first person who’s witnessed someone talking about the movie 21 Jump Street & called it “21 Hump Street,” can I? And be assured, it was actually a typo and not an homage’ to Magic Mike. Well, not at first…though, it quickly turned into that.

Do you have any embarrassing typos you’d like to share? Don’t worry – I’m not judging you; while typing this, I totally just spelled typos “typis” which sounds more like a disease than something you do with a keyboard.


One thought on “Typos: The Funny & The Humiliating

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