Yeah…I’m Drawing A Blank On Catchy Titles Today.

I felt like posting an update. Do you know how long it’s been since I posted an update? Yeah, me neither. (And no, the last post about typos doesn’t count as an update. It’s just…mind poop.)

Of course, the reason you don’t know is probably because you don’t waste your time stalking my blog and the reason I don’t know is because a week of not blogging feels like forever to me so, naturally, a month or more is the Bethylicious equivalent of eternity and I can’t remember eternity.

I seriously just scrolled through a bajillion of my posts just to see when my last legitimate update about my own life was and it’s buried so far in there that I got tired of searching for one. And by the time I got back to here to tell you I couldn’t find one, the urge to post an “About Me” update totally passed. Good news for you, huh? Those are always so boring.

11.50am: Woke up.

12pm: Had some breakfast. It was sugary, had no fiber and definitely contained over 300 calories. Living on the edge…that’s me.

1pm: Took a nap.

3pm: Woke up. Took a dump. Ate some food. Watched some TV.

6pm: Went to bed.

^^Thank God my updates don’t look like that.^^

The only “updatey” (<—Look! A new word!) thing I’m going to say is this:

The hubs & I are closing on our very first “Our House” together on Friday! I’m so excited and seriously ready to go all Martha Stewart on your ass…wish us luck!

Also, I put in an application to work as a photographer/journalist for our local papers & I desperately need the steady work so pray, send some good vibes, do some hoodoo magic – you know – whatever it is that you do to send good juju to people…I need that. I really want this job because I feel like it’s something I could be good at. I promise I won’t even curse in the paper & I’ll even curb my use of the words “seriously” & “totally” which I only say here because…well, it’s my blog & I can type what I want to.

And that’s all I feel like sharing on the personal update front because pretty much everything else about my life is relatively normal & boring. I like it like that.

But if I’m going to bore you to tears what am I going to do? I unintentionally found a way to use 2 songs in my post which gave me the idea to give you an update on my life in song titles. Yes, it’s been done before, but it has not been Bethified. Everything is better in the land of Bethylicious when it has been sufficiently Bethified. What do I mean by Bethified? Basically I just mean that I’m going to use whatever songs I can fit in whether they have squat to do with anything currently going on my life or not. Random! We like random things here.

I am young.

But my lover isn’t a girl, she isn’t waiting for me just across the bar & I didn’t jack her face up so much she had to cover it with sunglasses either. Also, I don’t know what any of that has to do with being young & making the world a brighter place. I do know what does make the world a brighter place: anyone with Cotton Candy colored hair.

And now that I’ve let this post sit overnight untouched and I’m no longer inspired to use song titles I guess I’ll stop boring you to tears. Besides, I have packing to do anyway. I’m very much hoping that the next post I do (or at least one of the next few) will be to update with pictures of my new home. Yay!



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