Weird Things & A Contest

I’m sort of in a funk. Well, not sort of. I am. And it’s not a “funk.” It’s despair.

I’m so sick of it.

So, in an effort to distract myself & make me feel moderately better for an indeterminate period of time I am going to do what I do best. Write nonsensical nonsense on my blog & possibly sit & watch my stats climb with an unhealthy volume of joy.

Did you know that if you google “weird things” you get a whole plethora of not just weird things, but nasty, disgusting things as well? I swear there was a picture of a turd sitting on a toilet seat. There was also one particularly disturbing one.

I’m not gross enough to post the poo picture, but boogers & dudes with huge nose & ear holes? That, obviously, does not cross the line of things I will not post on my blog.

I am just so curious as to why someone would enjoy doing this to themselves? No judgement – just genuine curiosity. Also, while we’re at it, I’m curious to know how this guy handles allergies. A stuffy nose is the least of his worries, I’m sure, as anything that’s in his head could simply fall out through his one ginormous nostril. I fear for the fate of his brains…

Here’s another weird thing I came across.

Talk about saving time. This just gave “would you like coffee with your breakfast?” a new meaning.

I thought this was supposed to be physically impossible? But half the things contortionists do should be physically impossible & yet they pull them off with jaw-dropping gracefulness so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by some dude licking his elbow. Although, why one would WANT to lick their elbow…?? I guess it’s human nature. If we can do it – we will. If we can’t do it – we will prove that we can.

Speaking of contortionists and coffee…

I’m still weirded out that someone actually knitted this:

I’m not yet ready to comment on this one, but if you are – please do.

I think a little caption contest is in order. I’ve seen other bloggers do this with great success and while I know I won’t be nearly as successful as they are, it still seems fun. So, I’m going to post a weird photo and ask that you make a comment with what you think the caption to that photo should be. We’ll take a vote next week and whoever wins can guest-blog anything they want on Bethylicious.

What is this weird animal thinking? Extra points if you can tell me what the weird animal is.



2 thoughts on “Weird Things & A Contest

  1. he looks like some sort of marsupial.. ?? I think he is sad because he can never eat corn on the cob.. his arms are too short and his mouth sticks out too far. I think you should photoshop a small corn on the cob into his hands (which are in just about the perfect position to be holding corn on the cob) and a tear in his eye.. I know I’d be sad.

  2. “Damn Doctor Frankenstein! Why couldn’t he have given me hands that reach my mouth?!” Oooh, wait, even better…”Meet the next star of Tim Burton’s latest animated feature!” 😉

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