Rambling & Blubbering & Late Night(ish) Nonsense

I really need some inspiring material to blog about because my everyday life just isn’t cutting it. Of course, it would help if I weren’t totally preoccupied with getting settled in the new house, but I suppose I’ve got 30 years or more to do that so what’s the rush? Oh that’s right…the rush is the pool party I’m having on August 3rd. 

I need to post some pictures of the new place ASAP. I can’t believe it’s OURS! And we can do whatever we want with it!!! I’m actually having FUN CLEANING! Can you believe that? I can’t believe it either, but it’s true. I love doing my dishes at night even though the dishwasher is totally broken and I have to stand there at my granite-encased sink and do them by hand. I put my iPod mount above the sink so I can watch Vampire Diaries while I’m washing so it doesn’t seem nearly as mundane as you would think. Plus, the facet is really pretty and I’m easily amused so it works out. Once again, we’re back to my needing to post pictures because I’m horrible at describing things. Maybe that’s why I got into photography in the first place. Spoken words are not my thing, but visual interpretations and actually sitting down and writing out my thoughts seems to work pretty well for me. Except when I’m rambling like I am now. I’m basically just here to tell you that no, I have not died & yes, I will blog more frequently once school resumes (unless I have a day job by then other than photography in which case, I’ll probably be too busy or too tired to bother with the computer, but we’ll cross that bridge when it gets here) and yes, I will post pictures of the new house. If you don’t want to see it there’s a simple solution…don’t look. And if you do want to see it because you’re a stalker there’s another simple solution…don’t stalk me. KayThanksBye!


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