Excuse Me While I Get All Fangirl On You…

I’ve had very little to blog about lately. Or rather, very little time to blog. Possibly both.

For those that found me through the giant web of  TVDFamily I figured you’d like to see this. (All others, I apologize for my suckiness & the fact that there is nothing here for you today.)

I posted it on The Vampire Diaries Fansite (Thank God I can make my own posts now instead of having to email them and wait for them to be posted for me – this is so much more efficient!) but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it here as well.

I made a new wallpaper today & I’m sure the Stelena fans are going to want to dagger me for it, but if you could press pause on that emotion for one minute (or 3 months, whichever) that would be great. Feel free to use this yourself if you like – just click on the link below the image to enlarge. If you need it resized, Tweet Me with your dimensions & I’ll resize it appropriately.


Thanks for bearing with me through my writer’s block & my fangirl moments.


The Girl That Needs New Material


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