Girls Vs. Morons

Watch out y’all! I’m fired up again! And y’all know how I rant when I’m fired up.

Stick around…I bet it will get a lot of you just as heated as it has me.

Anyone heard of the Sharia Law? At its core, it’s basically a moral code or set of laws that Muslims are taught to live their lives according to, but it varies by region & culture, and is based on several different factors such as what is written in the Quran & the example set by Muhammad. It could almost be compared to the Christian’s Ten Commandments except that the Ten Commandments are the same wherever you go; whatever Bible you read. And they are all things that, Christian or not, it wouldn’t hurt a soul in the world to follow. For instance, “thou shalt not kill,” – how is that a bad commandment to live by? “Thou shalt not steal,” “thou shalt honor [respect] thy mother and thy father,”…these are basic lessons & values that the majority of us, Christian or not, already teach our children.

The Sharia Law? Some Muslims do not abide by some of the more extreme practices, but regardless, it still dictates that women are of lesser value than men. It is perfectly acceptable to treat a woman or a girl as property, such as they do in Islamic countries. That’s okay for those countries, but it is not, by any means, acceptable here.

There are a couple of women in particular who are laboring to try and pass this law in California. In AMERICA! Do they not understand what kind of country this is? This is the country that was originally founded on Christian values. The very same country where men and women together have fought for women’s rights and equality in all things. Where little boys (for the most part) are taught to respect their mothers, never hit a girl and to, in general, place women on a pedestal. We are largely a “Christian” country and I say that in quotations because the vast majority of us don’t act very Christian unless it suits our own agenda at the time, but my point is that when our constitution was passed, it was passed on Christian morals & values. Allowing the Sharia Law to be passed anywhere in the United States would violate our Constitution, our Bill of Rights & even the more recent bill that denotes the separation of church and state.

Some would argue that the law is misunderstood, but after reading this, I think I understand it very clearly.  “For Muslims who are devout, living life according to the divine will is the basis for existence.  Sharia law is the anchor for society for devout Muslims and it’s based on several factors in a complex web of history, religious texts, interpretation, modern influence, scholars, community, custom, public interest, regionalism and the conduct of the Prophet Mohamed.” Case in point? It’s for Muslims, not Christians or any other religion in America for that matter. Our government has long since decided to separate church and state. Clearly, the Sharia Law is based in religion. So, I think the government needs to make up it’s damn mind; are we separating church and state or are we to have every aspect of our lives dictated by a religious text from a God that most Americans do not recognize as their own? In which case, that would violate our constitutional right to worship as we choose.

This is a country where we are free to practice any religion we like and yet we have complete morons living here who would gradually take that freedom away from us by making us bound to a set of standards set out for Muslims. A set of so-called “morals” that says it’s perfectly acceptable for a man (or boy) to have dominion over a female; to beat her or even kill her if he sees fit. Women are a possession to be used and abused at a man’s discretion and convenience. Do these idiotic women not realize that, were this law to pass, they would be out of a job? Under this law, no women has the right to be in government, to vote or even leave her house without a man’s consent. I’m sure they’ll try to sell us some crap about how they won’t adopt all the practices entailed in the more extreme versions of the Sharia Law, that it won’t impose on any of the rights already granted to us as Americans, (GAG!) but allowing it to pass in any capacity will be one step closer to having everything America stands for ripped away from us. Or, I should say, everything America is supposed to stand for.

We used to be the biggest, most badass country in the world and now we’re just a bunch of spineless cowards who are too afraid of offending someone of another ethnicity or religion to stand up for what we believe in. What about our beliefs? What about the things that offend us? What happened to ‘live and let live?’ If I’m free to practice Christianity and you’re free to practice Islam, don’t try to impose your Islamic laws on my American government! I don’t go out to a Muslim persons house and shove the Bible in their face every day so neither do I want the Quran shoved in mine.

I refuse to allow my children to grow up in a world where they are less valuable than another being. Where they are told that a different standard exists for boys than it does for girls. My girls will be strong and confident and FREE. And my son will be strong & respectful & worthy of a women’s respect rather than having to take some twisted, counterfeit version of it from her by beating her or abusing her in any manner.

I know a lot of people are going to say “there’s no way this can pass in America,” but if we don’t say anything about it or stand up to fight against it, it can & it will. Maybe not in our lifetime, or in our children’s lifetimes, but what about our grandchildren? Is this what we want for them? I’m not naive enough to believe that we live in a true democracy like we’re taught in school because I know that the government does what it damn well wants regardless of the people’s thoughts on the matter, but at the very least we need to make it known that we won’t just sit down and take it. I’d rather die than live in a country where a man can sell his daughters for pennies or see my girls beaten to death because they failed to comply with some BS command from an idiot who thinks he owns everything just because he was born with a penis. My son will not be taught that it’s acceptable to act like a degenerate moron. I’m disgusted that someone would think this is even a remotely good idea.

We don’t live in the middle ages. We don’t live in the middle east. We live in America. Maybe some people need to be reminded.


2 thoughts on “Girls Vs. Morons

  1. I Say “Beth Dean for President!” I had rather die before I see my daughters and granddaughters treated this way. I had rather die than see my son and grandsons act this way. I’d rather die than to see this great Country of ours do someth…ing so STUPID. Women who remotely live this kind of life….grow some balls of your own and don’t put up with the crap. Any man who ever tried that with a true Woman would find himself minus a few things attached. Women and Men need to have enough respect for themselves and others to not be so STUPID in the first place, no matter where you live or what you believe. The Bible does not teach that. I bet if you talk to old Muhammad, he didn’t even teach that. It is just a bunch of junk adopted by some in the male gender who just want their cake and eat it, too. In other words, their out to be just as immoral as they want to be. They are NOT REAL MEN at all. This is the 21st Century people, we have to go forward with positive, moral, decent, respectful behavior. Godly behavior. Not backwards to the so-called image of the “Caveman Days.”

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