Thinkin’ ‘Bout Thursday

I love Thursday’s.

Thursday, for me, is equivalent to the rest of the normal population’s Friday.

Not because it’s the end of my work week, because it isn’t. I still like Friday for that very reason, but Friday has a really sucky role in the week department if you ask me. The only reason anyone likes Friday is because they have to go through Friday to get to Saturday.

It’s like being in middle school. You know…you finally make friends with “the cool guy,” the popular kid, yada, yada so on and so forth. You have this super-sized crush on him and he seems like he’s really into you, too, when he asks to come over to your house to “study.”

And then it turns out that he’s gay and the only thing he wants to study is your older brother.

*Do you hear the cheesy, comedy-night cymbals clanging in the background, too?*
OMG, it’s Justin Beiber!

Makes total sense, right?

No? Okay, let me s’plain it to ya. In that scenario, you’re Friday; your hot, older brother is Saturday; and Justin Beiber is just trying to work his gay little way up the ladder and through the rest of the week.

Honestly, I just wanted to make fun of Beiber (who is just pinch-his-cheeks adorable) and use the phrase “gay little way” in a sentence. Don’t judge me.

So, why Thursday out of all the days of the week? Lot’s of reasons.

Monday-Wednesday I am – pardon the expression – “balls-to-the-wall” busy at work. Especially Wednesday’s! There are Wednesday’s that I don’t think I’m going to make it through without a mental breakdown and a gang of white coats coming to take me away.

Thursday is the first day of my week not entirely suffused with the stress of life, deadlines, hustling to make sure the minions make it on time to their various extra curricular activities, and just hustling in general. In other words, it’s my lazy day. Thursday is what gets me through those particularly awful Wednesday’s, like yesterday. I think, “self…think of tomorrow. You will have an absolutely glorious amount of NOTHING to do on Thursday. Let’s get Wednesday over with!”

So, Thursday is my motivation to go all mob boss on Wednesday’s arse and just kill it.

It is also…

*dum dum dum*

Vampire Diaries Day! Or at least it will be in a week. Anything involving Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley makes me feel pretty darn good.

Don’t tell me those baby blues wouldn’t put you in a better mood, too.

No, I’m not a teenager, but I’m glad I’m not because my mother would never allow me to watch Vampire Diaries if I were, muchless watch it with me. And we have a date next Thursday to do just that, which means even if next Wednesday is the most sucktacular Wednesday in the existence of ever, Thursday will do one better than simply get me through it – it will make me excited about it!

So I know I said there were lots of reasons that I love Thursday and I only gave you two, but those are my favorite reasons and I also have 3 little minions I have to go get ready for a Minion Football Game tonight! That is yet another reason Thursday’s are great – I get to go watch my babies show off all the hard work they put in at practices the rest of the week.

Mr. Thoughtful is playing, Princess Sassypants is cheering and The Cuteness tries to do both at the same time right along with her brother and sister, only in the crowd & in that tiny, precious 5-year old voice that I love so much so it makes it incredibly fun to watch!

So, my stopping here isn’t just lazy blogging. I actually have motherly duties to perform. Like yelling at my son to make that big kid on the other team go crying to his mama!

So now, I’m outta here.

Happy Thursday!


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