Don’t Put Two In The Hole

Just a few things that have been said to me today:

“You have to wrap it or bad things happen!”

“You can’t put two in the hole! Only one goes in the hole!”

“wrap it, stick it, bring it out, wrap it, take out two…” to which I responded, “take out two?!”

Admit it, you’re all thinking I must be participating in some very unsavory conversations, but I assure you, I was was not. My second mama was teaching my best friend and I how to crochet. It’s very dirty business y’all.


Wrap that around your crochet needle and stick it!!

Anna and I are determined to conquer the art of old-womanry crocheting. Even if our “blanket” doesn’t look like a blanket when we’re finished, it will be made with love and laughs…and an over-abundance of dirty thoughts.



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