New Year, New Boots, New…Okay, So…Nothing Else Is New

Happy 2013 My Lovelies!



If you can’t make the connection between that first sentence and this picture than you’re missing great television.

So, we went on a short vacation for the end of 2012 to celebrate the coming of 2013 (and the fact that December 21st was NOT, in fact, the end of the world just because some Mayans couldn’t count that far or got bored and gave up on the calendar thing) with some friends that we made while we were in Germany. They’re stationed in Fort Bragg where hubby and I used to be. It was a lot of fun. I drove a 4-wheeler for the first time, got stuck in a huge mud puddle and had to be pulled out by a jeep. It’s no fun unless you get stuck at least once, right? Then we had to haul arse outta there because some electrician-whatever guy showed up and said “Hey, sooooo….I’m callin’ the cops! Happy new year!” At least he warned us, right?


Holli Bolli!



The hubs with Mr. Thoughtful…

DSC_2404 DSC_2435


Bolt-Ray getting his 4-wheeler out of the mud after my hubs got it stuck. There aren’t any pictures of him pulling me out because we were trying to hurry up and escape before the cops got there. What’s a family outing if you don’t get to outrun the cops together at least once?? Yeah…that’s how we do it in south apparently.


My boys 🙂





The Cuteness with her daddy. She was squealing the whole time. Happily of course! She had a lot of fun.

DSC_2490 DSC_2579

Princess SassyPants got a ride with her daddy, too. I think she enjoyed it the most 🙂

DSC_2627 DSC_2629 DSC_2653


And this is me and the hubs. The only thing that differentiates us is the fact that I’m wearing a giant helmet. I don’t like mud in my mouth thankyouverymuch.

After all that fun, on our last day there a bunch of us got sick with a nasty stomach bug. Yuck. I won’t go into the gory details on that one. Just know it was…less than ideal highly unpleasant <—both.

We came back yesterday and my hubs was James Dean McCrabby-Pants all day long. Grrr. PTSD + Little Sleep – Meds = a not so happy wife life. For anyone.  Except when I got new boots…then I was pretty pleased.

Then I went over to my mom’s to pick up my birthday cake at 10 o’clock at night. Did I mention that my birthday was Dec. 30th? Yeah, apparently people think 27 is old. I’m not one of those people, but that’s all I heard that day. “Happy Birthday! Gettin’ old aren’t ya!?” Um….no. I’m only as old as I feel and I feel about 17 – sothere!!! Plus, isn’t 30 the new 20? In a few years I’ll be that much closer to having grown kids and time to party and go on cruises and participate in drunken karaoke with people I don’t know. This is what life is about, right? …………..

…………Life isn’t about drunken karaoke? Well crap…why didn’t someone tell me earlier!?

What’s new in 2013? Nothing but the last number of the date. I don’t make resolutions so I’m not promising myself I’ll lose weight or drink less coffee or blog more or save enough money to finally *finally!* buy that elephant or baby tiger or husband (hello, Ian Somerhalder…..) I’ve been desperately wanting…

Instead, I’m determined to give my business everything I’ve got this year. I’m getting organized, making plans for promotions and getting strict with my scheduling policies and other stuff…finally starting my business account so my taxes won’t be such a headache next year. Ya know…normal stuff really. Not resolutions…..goals. Because no one sticks to their new years resolutions, but goals give us something to constantly strive for.


Now I’ve got to go catch up on my Vampire Diaries writing. I’m probably going to get fired if I don’t start posting there more often. But I need inspiration to write like that. So THAT’S IT – there’s only one thing to solve that problem.


Dear Ian Somerhalder,

Please propose to me now.

Yours Truly,

Obsessive Compulsive Crazy Girl – Your Future Wife

There…if he reads that – and more importantly, if he complies with my request demand – the fansite will have more blog material than they know what to do with. You see the sacrifices I’m willing to make for the good of TVD Fans everywhere? You should all thank me. Profusely.

And you can do that by…

sending Ian Somerhalder letters to plea for our union and also by setting up the GISHTB (Get Ian Somerhalder Hitched To Bethylicious) Foundation. We’ll be taking donations from now until the wedding date.

That is all. Happy 2013! May no one predict the end of the world this year.


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