MacBook Air Giveaway!!

I normally don’t post things like this because they look so unbelievable and downright spammy, but this giveaway is the real deal. Offered from Rachel Brenke, The LawTog.

If you’re a photographer looking for any legal advice or legal materials such as contracts, forms, etc. she is the one to go to! I’ve taken her Business 101 workshop and loved it. I learned so much. So without further ado, here’s the deal:

giveawaybanner1 2

Just click the image to go to her shop & help yourself to all the helpful resources!! 🙂

Happy Shopping!

And I WILL get back to regular blogging one of these days, but right now I’ve got so much on my plate that blogging has taken a back seat. Besides, you’d be really bored if I blogged about anything real in my life right now because it’s mostly work and not a lot of play. To which I give a loud and hearty “POO!”


One thought on “MacBook Air Giveaway!!

  1. Reblogged this on SpiffySnaps Photography and commented:

    This is a really great Sale/Giveaway offered by Rachel Brenke in order to celebrate the fact that she has reached 20k followers/fans on her facebook page! Any chance to win a free MacBook Air (that’s real and not just some spammy attempt to get all my personal information) – I’d take it!!
    Happy shopping photogs!

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