Identity Crisis

Dear Spring,

Hi there.

You may not know me so let me start by introducing myself. I’m a hapless victim of your identity crisis. You see, when one says the word “spring” I think of lots of different things. I think of thin, flexible coils of wire made for the insides of toys and electronics. I think of my mattress because apparently I’m still living in the stone-age before mattresses came filled with the heavenly softness of memory foam. I think of pogo sticks and moon shoes & flowers and sunshine. What I do not think of, however, is thirty degree weather and wind burn.

poor random soul pulled from google…

Could you tell me why it is that you’ve decided to continue to disguise yourself as Winter? Or are you, in fact, Winter attempting to disguise yourself as Spring? Either way, I don’t think I’ll be alone in admitting that I’m not liking this plan of yours very much at all. Where are the Spring flowers, the warm weather and the sunshine? The children playing on bicycles and all the people leaving their jackets in the car? Because that is who you are, Spring. You’re rainbows and pretty colors and perfectly temperate days with a light breeze floating by at exactly the right moment. You’re Easter eggs and bunny rabbits and little kid giggles.

Do you remember now?

Can we get past this identity crisis thing and go back to being your usual lovely self?

Or do I need to write a letter to your superior officer, Mother Nature, next?



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