I Don’t Know How To Play “Truth or Darth”

My kids are hilarious little creatures. 

My hubs took them all out yesterday so he could spend time with them and so that I could work uninterrupted. Spring Break….oh the joy!

I spent the majority of my day glued to my computer working on softball photos & actually finished them because he was kind enough to get everyone out of my hair so that I could. I love that man. He even got some things on my car fixed while he was gone so that it would be safe for me to drive, but ended up having to come back before taking the kids for their fun outing because we both forgot that he had given me his debit card to pump gas with the day before so he didn’t have any money. No bueno.

Around 5ish, my hubs came home with all the kids and said he was taking them to a movie, but he didn’t feel right going without me. I still had 3 softball photos to put backgrounds in so his solution was “put photoshop on my computer, pictures on a flash drive and work on the ride there and back.”

Either he really wanted me to come or he can’t handle more than 3 hours alone with them. Either way, he convinced me.

So I’m working on photos as we’re driving down the road (which has the ability to give you motion sickness just as effectively as reading while riding….) and the kids are in the back seat just talking away. 

It’s the little one, The Cuteness, that trips me out the most these days because she has two older siblings so even though she’s only five, she doesn’t really act like a five year old. The things that come out of her mouth are hilarious. Even more hilarious are the facial expressions and body language she gives while saying them. I don’t have any particular story to tell about her right now though, because pretty much everything she said and did was cute, but it was one of those “had to be there” kind of things. 

The other two, however, had me giggling the whole time. Mr. Thoughtful has finally assumed the role of “annoying older brother” as opposed to his previous position of “sweet & thoughtful older brother.”

He was picking on Princess Sassypants about the purse she brought with her. I believe he said she looked like “an old granny.” Indignant at the thought, Princess Sassypants reached across The Cuteness to give Mr. Thoughtful a good whap in the arm with her “granny purse.” 

Instead of doing his usual tattling, he just laughed and said, “see, that’s what old grannies do,” effectively cementing his point. Then they both began to go back and forth about why Princess Sassypants is and is not a granny while The Cuteness sat in between them looking back and forth like she was at the best boxing match in the history of ever. Until Princess Sassypants started getting really free with the purse whopping…then The Cuteness had to dodge several elbows and sit straight back in the seat like some sort of planking champion to avoid receiving the blows herself. 

Of course, their dad and I put a stop to that, but it was funny to watch/listen to for a time. They were being kids, doing what kids do and not being whiny about it; they were just having fun with each other and I love to hear them that way. 

The other day, we had the following conversation in the truck on the way to church:

Princess Sassypants: Mom, did you know we had a little cousin named Elizabeth?

Me: Yup.

Princess Sassypants: There are a lot of people named Elizabeth.

Me: Yup. There are two in this truck right now.

The Cuteness: Uh huh, ’cause I’m Kira Elizabeth and mommy is Elizabeth & I like Elizabeth.

Princess Sassypants: I don’t like my middle name. *says middle name like it’s dripping with disease*

Me: Well, I love your middle name, Krysta. You know why? Because Felicity means ‘happiness.’

Mr. Thoughtful: Why does it mean that? I would think it meant ‘rude’ or ‘mean’ for Krysta.

To which Princess Sassypants quickly stated that she was not rude and she has manners! The rest of us just laughed because, well…Princess Sassypants didn’t get “sassypants” attached to her name for nothing. She’s not really rude, but she is the most challenging of the three and is quite strong-willed. 

Then, yesterday, while we were out we decided to get something to eat before the movie so we went to The Cracker Barrel. While there, the kids started playing Truth or Dare. I had no idea my 8, 7 & 5 year old knew anything about that game, but we went with it because they were keeping it nice and innocent. 

“Truth or Dare!” “Dare.” “I dare you to eat those apple slices in five minutes!” <—-Mom is entirely okay with this.

At one point I even got an “I dare you to play Candy Crush on your phone!” I tried to be responsible and say that we were at the dinner table and I would not be playing games on my phone, but Princess Sassypants was adamant saying, “no, mommy, I double-dog-dare you!” So I pretended to play for 10 seconds during which time I actually just checked my text messages. I had to after being “double-dog-dared.”

The Cuteness got in on the fun, too, when she looked at me and said, “truth or dare, mommy.”

Me: Truth.

The Cuteness: Try again.

(I had to giggle at that one.) 

The Cuteness: Truth or dare?

Me: Truth. *for the second time.)

The Cuteness: *very seriously and with pronounced head-rolling* Try. Again. *Then she cracked a little smile because she’s incapable of holding a serious face for more than three seconds…*

Me: Truth.

The Cuteness: *getting exasperated now, but determined to get me to say what she wants me to say* Okay, Mommy – try again. *Small growl* (Yes, she growled at me a little.) Truth or Darth?

I have to admit, I was really impressed by the fact that she combined Truth and Dare into one word in an effort to try and trick me, so I had to humor her this time and pick darth. It didn’t work very well though because she didn’t know whether to ask me a truth question or dare me to drink my sweet tea so she just put her head in her little hands and mumbled about how “mommy doesn’t know how to play this game.” 

After all that, I was really glad I went out with them. By the way, The Croods is a ridiculously cute movie and I think everyone should see it. 🙂

Alas, it’s time for me to get back to work. I’ve got softball photos to deliver and then I’ll be spending the next two days stressing over baseball photos. Maybe I’ll actually get to spend one of these beautiful spring break days outside with my kids. I have a feeling that if I get started now, I might have a better hope of accomplishing that.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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