Random Thoughts On A Monday

My Facebook feed is littered with “Spring Break is over *sad face*” statuses and here I sit, the horrible mother who is almost jumping up and down with glee, smiling from ear to ear, happy to have my home back to myself for 8 hours a day once again. I can get dishes and laundry done, the floors vacuumed and work accomplished without having to break up a minion argument or constantly tend to their various and unending needs. Oh, and keep all the love and attention from the dog to myself.

I love them. I do. And I had fun with the minions over the break, but their break is over and mine begins again.

YES, YES and more YES.

Two random thoughts on a Monday:

It’s incredibly stupid to have CRCT Tests the very day that children resume school after Spring Break. They’ve been out of school for a week, some have stayed up late almost every night and are getting back into the swing of things, most haven’t even cracked a book since the Friday that school let out for Spring Break and now they want them to come back fresh and ready to ace a test? It’s a good thing my kids like to read and write, otherwise I think they’d be screwed.

Mr. Butter looked a lot like a super-hero when I needed him this weekend.

I can prove it:

Is this not the best cape in the existence of ever? Dear Land-O-Lakes, I expect my endorsement check is in the mail??


His only weaknesses? A hot skillet (or in this case, griddle) and a stack of pancakes.

Now that I think about it, Mr. Butter isn’t so much a superhero as he is an unfortunate victim of recipes. But he has his defenses. Even after he’s been consumed, he works to pay back the evil villain who overcame him by clogging their arteries and shooting their LDL Cholesterol levels up to magnificent heights. Heart attack anyone?

I took one look at those pancakes and answered that question with a genuine “yes, please.” Turns out Mr. Butter isn’t the only one with a weakness.



4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts On A Monday

  1. I think a great cure for eating too much sugar, fat, salt, etc is learning to cook. You make a couple things that leave you gasping “You put in HOW MUCH butter??” and you can’t really tell yourself “It’s got carrots in it! It’s healthy!” anymore.

    • Ha. That reminds me of my brief stint with that “Sneaky Chef” recipe book. I made chocolate chip cookies with chic peas hidden in them as a poor attempt at getting my picky eater to “eat some vegetables.” Brownies with broccoli, grilled cheese sandwiches with butternut squash, etc. (It all sounds disgusting, yes?) Then I realized it was a lot less work and a lot more beneficial to just keep putting the same things in front of them until they got hungry enough to eat it. Now I get chastised by my children if I neglect the vegetables at the family reunion or they don’t see me consuming enough water. Lovely.

  2. Spring break (and winter break and summer vacation) are always nice reminders of the old adage, “Trying to keep your house clean while you have children is like shoveling during a blizzard.”

    • Exactly. Which oddly enough, now that I’ve had time to clean it, it’s messier now than it was before! Lol Could be because I have one of those weird compulsions where I have to take everything out of everywhere in a room in order to “really” clean it and then put it back. The problem is that it takes me a day or two to get to the putting it back part.

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