Escaping Death One Toilet Seat At A Time

Dear Husband,

Thank you for fixing the broken toilet seat without being asked. You are a wonderful human being. I suppose you saw a vision in your head of all the horrific and hilarious accidents I could have if the toilet was sans seat and decided to fix it before I embarrassed myself. 

……wait a minute….

You couldn’t have had a vision of any of that. Otherwise, you’d have been laughing manically for days for reasons unknown to me, the seat would still be laying on the floor and there would be a camera mounted to the wall just waiting for me to plop right down into a bowl of cold water in the middle of the night. 




Then again, those thoughts probably did occur to you and, being the smart man that you are, you must have decided you didn’t want to die.

Broken Toilet Seat + Groggy, Sleepy-Eyed, Cold Water Butt = Death of one Spouse, Imprisonment of another.

Fixed Toilet Seat – Candid Camera = Grateful Spouse who will not commit murder today. 

Remember that folks. It’s marriage 1-0-1!! 

And by the way –

Husband? I love you. 🙂


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