Small Dog, Large Man

So, y’all know about me and my shows, right? Forget about crime shows where the stories they tell are based off real events or just made up out of somebody’s mind about sick, twisted things that could actually happen. I have a theory on these kinds of shows; they just serve to give people really disgustingly creative ideas for murder and torture. Thanks CSI, CSI Miami, Bones, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Castle, The Mentalist, etc. etc.

I actually like those shows, but my real love rests in fiction.

I like stories about things that couldn’t possibly happen way more than the real stuff because – let’s face it – it’s nice to escape reality every once in a while almost every single day of the week.

I’ve talked about my vampire addiction before and we’ve all agreed that I should seek help. So, I did.

I called Sam & Dean Winchester.


I’ve been a fan of Supernatural for years, but it wasn’t until our family moved to Germany that I was really able to sit down long enough to watch it and get addicted. We didn’t have cable there so we ended up getting all our video-entertainment from DVDs, the internet and iTunes. While my hubs was deployed, he bought seasons 1-4 of Supernatural on DVD and when he came home, after we put the kids to bed at night, we’d pop in a disc and start watching.

It started off that we were only going to watch one episode and then go to bed ourselves. That quickly evolved into “well….let’s just watch one more.”

An entire disc later, we went to bed only to have to get back up at 4:30 and 6:00 in the morning.

Every night, we’d watch at least 3 episodes until we got all the way through 4 seasons worth of Winchestery goodness. At this point, I was having dreams about Supernatural at night and not the good kind!!

It was dreams about evil clowns and fiery ghosts walking out of severely haunted shacks. Cars that revved themselves and killed people. Wax museums where the figures came to life and Paris Hilton always died. (Okay well..that was a good one.)


Now, they’re in season 8 and I had another dream last night. But this time, the dream was totally ridiculous.

It was about Sam Winchester…and his brother was nowhere in sight. What a tragedy; no Dean anywhere! It should be punishable by law to have a Supernatural dream where Dean Winchester is nowhere to be found.

(Obama, you make laws out of all kinds of other senseless crap that nobody agrees with – why don’t you write that down on your list, too?)

So, my dream was actually a montage – with music and all – of Sam Winchester doing only things that Sam Winchester wouldn’t actually do. Things like:

• Riding a dog like a pony while he slaps its behind like he’s starring in some sort of sick R Kelly video. Mind you, the dog was a normal sized dog and all Supernatural fans are aware that Sam is not a normal sized man. Yet, his feet weren’t touching the ground…

• Trying on brass knuckles and intentionally combing his hair with the brass-knuckly hand while looking like he’s immensely enjoying stroking his luxurious hair.

Far, far too much enjoyment…

• Eating a burger with chips inside, pickles on top and mayo to dip it in on the side. (That sounds more like a Dean thing to me, but it WAS a dream about things Sam wouldn’t actually do so….)
• crocheting a unicorn with rainbows flying out its…well, you get it.
• Having a dance party with a clown
& other nonsense that I can’t clearly remember at the moment.
Sam Winchester would absolutely never EVER do any of these things.
But – I have no doubts – Jared Padalecki would.
So any of you out there who know how to slice clips of video together to make an actual montage, contact me ASAP…we’ve got to make this dream a reality.
And also –
you’re welcome ladies 🙂

One thought on “Small Dog, Large Man

  1. hah, love it, leave it to you to dream something like this! I agree a supernatural dream with no Dean is a travesty!!

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