It’s All Chemical

I find it concerning that food manufacturers must label their packages with bold letters reading, “made with REAL cheese!” Since when did cooking with real ingredients become a thing we need to point out or boast about?

Oh yeah that’s right…since almost everything we consume that isn’t homemade is about one molecule away from being plastic.

Next year, I’m starting a garden and I’m going to can my veggies and put labels on them that say, “made with real green beans” and grow watermelons so I can put stickers on them that say “made with real watermelon (and grown by Captain Obvious).”

Maybe boasting about the authenticity will make me some money, too. Or what if I just start making a whole bunch of fake stuff and label it with “made with REAL synthetic ingredients!” We have enough idiots in the world for me to become a very rich woman….. *evil laugh*


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