Driving, Thinking & Blogging: The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

Note: I waited until I was parked in the pick-up line at my kids’ school before I wrote this so you can’t incarcerate me for texting (or blogging to be more specific) and driving. Safety first!! 🙂


I was just driving home thinking about a friend’s baby when it occurred to me that I haven’t written in my kids’ baby books in ages. Then I thought, “it’s totally okay…I write in their journals and I catalogue basically everything online.” And then another thought hit me.

Who needs a baby book?! When I die, my kids can totally take inventory of their entire lives via Facebook!

The baby book companies must be so pissed…


3 thoughts on “Driving, Thinking & Blogging: The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

  1. Added bonus, unless the internet goes down you’ll always have access to that stuff. We lost our daughter’s baby book in a flood, so I have no idea when she started walking, got her first tooth, etc. etc.

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