Warning: This Post Contains Clips From “The Notebook.”

To continue my series on insecurity in relationships (you can find part one here) , today we’re going to focus on the second group of people on the list.

These are “The Notebook” People.

Noah-Allie-3-the-notebook-21088248-500-281This will quite possibly be even more vomit-inducing than the first post about the Fairytale people. Mostly due to the fact that I’m going to show you clips from The Notebook. I think they turned into Fairytale people at the end, but this is how they got there. Also, I just want to throw this in there: I don’t even know why The Notebook is called ‘The Notebook.’ I’ve never seen this movie all the way through. I had to search for an hour to find these clips because I knew what I was looking for, but not EXACTLY what I was looking for. It was quite comical watching the faces of my family when they said, “what are you doing mom?” “Research.” And then they give me that “yeah, right” look before they all ran off to watch Thor.

So now, let’s watch the sappiness.

That seems really bittersweet and some of you may even be wondering why I showed it. So that I can show you this:

Basically every Nicholas Sparks good romance movie has to have a few scenes where you wonder if the couple in question is even going to make it. It’s not nearly as much fun to watch a Fairytale couple in a movie because there’s no real conflict there. They’ll rarely question each other and when they do, it will be brief.  So, you’ll never worry about them or be on the edge of your seat (so to speak) rooting for them. They’re more of an “awe. But, I’m positive they’ll be okay” kind of couple. If you can’t get emotionally attached to the characters then you can’t be invested in the movie. If you can’t be invested in the movie or the people in it, you won’t spend money to watch it. Relationships are sort of like that, too. The Notebook people are invested in each other. They’re emotionally attached and for that reason, no matter what they’re difficulties are, they’re going to see it through; even if it’s really hard.


The struggle is what makes it beautiful to watch. It makes the good stuff seem even sweeter than it would be had there been no conflict at all. That’s why every romance movie in the history of ever starts with The Notebook People and (the majority of the time) turns them into Fairytale People at the end; because, that’s supposed to be our ultimate goal. It’s like the heaven of relationships, lol.

But if we’re being honest, the middle group is the most fun to be a part of. At least in my opinion. It’s full of ups and downs and, as previously discussed, the downs make the ups feel so much more fulfilling. It’s exciting and that’s what I love about this group of people. Then you eventually get to a point where you’re old the emotional tension of being part of The Notebook People Society makes you yearn for the security and assurance of The Fairytale People. That’s when you either make the transition into the elitist group or you regress back to group number 1 and fall apart. That’s the catch with The Notebook people. If you’re not careful, it can go either way. Despite how perfect they might seem sometimes or how passionately they care about each other, there’s still a lot of unpredictability there.

Don’t let insecurities and disagreements tear you apart. The people in The Notebook group have so much potential it’s ridiculous. It would be a shame to let that go to waste. jackass-award-300x300The urge to be a jackass is strong within some of us, I know; but, be more like Noah and say something syrupy-sweet in the middle of a fight and see if that doesn’t make your other half want to skip straight to the making-up part. Being a jackass never did anybody any good & you’ll both feel a lot better if you resist that particular inclination.

Some people, however, find that unusually  difficult. Those people are called The Wishy-Washy, Fickle People and the only thing they have ever been able to settle on completely is the next pain-in-the-ass thing they’re going to do. They’re so insecure that they have to hurt and manipulate other people because of it. I am going to have SO. MUCH. FUN. With these people tomorrow. 🙂


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