Magic Coffee & Meat Juice

Today, my coffee had rainbow bubbles in it. I’m sure this means it contains magical properties because what else could rainbow bubbles mean? I mean, coffee is already pretty magical as is so adding both a rainbow AND bubbles to it is a little bit fantastic. They say Red Bull gives you wings, but I’m willing to bet my magical coffee could kick Red Bull’s winged behind. 

Also, on a totally random note, my brother seems to think that “meat juice” is an appropriate nickname for sweat. I really don’t wish to expound on that theory any further, but this is what brought the meat juice up:

Click me to visit the SpiffySnaps Photography website and see my real work rather than my color bombed iPhone shots 😉 /


The SpiffySnaps Photography Team, comprised of seven members, ran in the Color Me Rad 5k in Columbus this past Saturday (which was AMAZING). My mom said she didn’t break a sweat and somehow my brother surmised that she lacked meat juice. If nothing else, we can gather from this information that my weirdness is entirely genetic and not uncommon in my family. What can I say…it’s a gift.


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