Goose-Step Salute & Cannibal Pop-Tarts

Upon having a conversation with a particular brilliant friend of mine, we decided this would make a great blog title. Actually, she decided and I agreed, but whatever. It’s here now, gracing the world (or the seven readers of this blog at least) with fantastic weirdness.

However, even when I blog about weird, random things there has to be some sort of cohesion. I always find a way to make things relate even if the things I’m talking about seemingly have nothing to do with each other. It’s a gift, really.

To do that, I admit, I had to google “goose-step.” For those of you that already know what that is without the help of the interwebs, and are surprised that I did not know I only have this to say: my husband was in the military, not me. So anyway, as I looked more into this goose-step thing, I realized that a “goose-step salute” would actually be considered offensive to some people. Oops…you learn something new everyday I guess.

Nazi’s. Need I say more about the offensive properties of this photo?

So, then I checked out the website where this photo was pulled from ( and the title of the article it was in is called “Obama and Terrorism.” I actually really hate politics so I don’t care to elaborate on our scum president and his anti-American legislature; However, Mr. Obama, my friend’s obsession with Hannibal and The Dixie Chicks (Goodbye Earl anybody?) did work together to give me a brilliant idea.


I will neither confirm nor deny that this idea is somehow relevant to cannibal pop-tarts.




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