Bacon. It’s THAT Important, Y’all.

Thank you for finding this article, sis. It’s been the source of much of my amusement today. You are my hero. 🙂

You know somebody had to ask this in order for some other schmuck to feel the need to WikiHow this topic. I’ve learned so much I never knew before on how to grill bacon. All six of these steps are absolutely essential!

Step #1: Purchase your bacon. (What? You mean you have to have bacon to grill bacon? I thought it would just materialize like all the food does at Hogwarts.)
Step #2: Light the grill. (Wiki also tells me that I actually need to light the grill. I’m glad, too, because if not for this step being spelled out for me, I would have just sat there with the bacon on the grill and my son’s Harry Potter wand.)
Step #3: Oil the grill grate (by rubbing a piece of bacon across it.) I’ll have to remember to oil everything by simply rubbing it down with bacon now. If you see me poolside rubbing bacon on my legs, don’t ask questions.
Step #4: Place the bacon onto the grill. (You don’t say?!)
Step #5: Continue cooking the bacon. (Um….oookay.)
Step #6: Remove the bacon from the grill. (I was just planning on using the wand. “Accio Bacon?”)


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