Midnight Movie Critic

Just finished watching Ride Along & That Awkward Moment. It’s official; I should ALWAYS pick the movies.

Granted, neither movie was award-winning, but no one stormed out of a theater (effectively wasting A LOT of our money), broke a DVD or gave up watching in favor of Facebook drama. (Just in case that was too subtle, all of the above is what generally happens when my husband picks the movies.)

Ride Along was funny. Predictable, but enjoyable. Kevin Hart is hilarious and Ice Cube has a knack for crazy eyes. If you’ve watched Are We There Yet, this isn’t news to you. I was hoping John Leguizamo would be a bit funnier, but I suppose he would have stolen the show if he had. Plus…Sid. :p


That Awkward Moment was witty & charming even with the considerable language & sexual content. (I think I now have at least 25 new penis jokes in my arsenal…provided that anyone I know ever has “alone time” with a bottle of self-tanner.) This is proof that raunchy romantic comedies can actually be enjoyed by both genders IF the raunchy to romantic ratio is balanced correctly. Zac Efron should call Joseph Gordon Levitt & let him in on this information.


^ I’m taking that thumbs up as a “message received” Efron. ^


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