What’s “Real?”

Just something to think about:
What’s with the “real women” & “real men” phase happening right now? “Real women have curves.”

Real-Women-Have-CurvesI like that quote for what it’s supposed to be, but if you think about it, it’s entirely false. Real women do have curves. But real women are also thin, short, tall, brave, smart, talented…the list goes on. It’s just something us curvier women say to make ourselves feel better for not looking like rail thin supermodels, but if we don’t like to be put down for being curvy or “fat,” (as some would say) why would we think it’s okay to imply that a thinner woman isn’t real just because of the way God made her?

cb872cdac3d42d5a3eda6fe065404796“A real man can’t be stolen if he really loves you.” Nobody can be “stolen” because people aren’t property. They make their own decisions. Real people make bad decisions every single day. Real people make good decisions everyday. Real men look like the pictures you see on the cover of a magazine. Real men also look like Boomhauer from King of the Hill.


I get the idea behind some of the “real men” quotes as they pertain to being a father, husband etc. and what it means to stop acting like a boy and become a man, but in regard to physical appearance and things of that nature, I think it’s ridiculous.

 My point here is that the “real” phase is real annoying. No one is less of a person because they’re not like you or because they don’t live up to your ideals of what a “real” man or woman is.

We’re all people. We’re all real.


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