Is That Your Bra I Smell Burning?

Most of you know that I am a self-proclaimed feminist. Most of you also have no clucking clue what a feminist is, so I thought I would educate you in the hopes that it will cut down on the accusations that I just hate men and think women are superior. The whole point of feminism is for social, political & economic equality. See…

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.37.22 AM

What Feminism Is NOT:

It is not grounds for one sex to claim superiority over the other. It does not mean I want to eradicate men from the planet. It does not mean I want to be a man. It does not mean I can’t be feminine. It does not mean I don’t know and accept that men are generally better than women at certain things. It does not mean that women do not naturally perform better at some tasks than men. It does not mean I think men and women must be considered 185,000% equal in all things at all times. It does not mean that I’m secretly a lesbian. It does not mean that I want to burn my bra. (I happen to like having perky breasts, thank you very much.) It does not mean that all feminists are women. It does not mean that I won’t cook, clean or do laundry or that I regard marriage as an outdated, sexist institution.hairy-legs1 It does not mean that I boycott shaving. I mean…in the winter I might skip a few leg-shaving sessions, but…don’t judge me.

6206884-woman-with-machete-isolated-on-whiteIf you hold a door open for me, pull out a chair or do anything else within the realm of gentlemanly behavior, contrary to popular belief I will respond with ‘thank you’ and a smile rather than a machete to the throat. Just because I CAN do it myself, doesn’t mean I should always have to. Feminism does not automatically qualify me as an advocate of abortion (but that, my loves, is a different blog post.)

What Feminism IS:

It is the advocacy of women being treated equal to men in ways such as being paid the same wage for doing the same job or not constantly being held to a more stringent standard of beauty, or being expected to bear children just because most of us have the ability to do so, etc. 6352_525290790835404_2103968774_n-1It is respecting and appreciating men and women for their different characteristics and talents. (For example: Men are typically stronger than women, but this does not mean that women are weak by any means.) Feminism is about not taking away one’s choices solely because of his or her gender; it’s about letting skills, experience, confidence and competence speak for themselves and not automatically disqualifying a person because they have a vagina. Feminism is respecting myself enough to require that other people respect me also if they intend to have any sort of healthy relationship with me. It is about not tolerating any language or behavior propagated specifically to make women feel as if they are less deserving of love, consideration & courtesy.

Respect, integrity, encouragement, acknowledgement, appreciation, affection, compassion, honesty, reverence, adoration, loyalty…none of these things should be gender-specific. 

We are people deserving of the same rights & deference as anyone else. We are not put here simply for sexual pleasure or for anyone to control or “manage.” We weren’t put on the Earth to have your babies & do what we’re told. Women are not the weaker sex. It is not a bad thing to do, say or feel something “like a girl.” WHY is that an insult? We are not just baby machines and personal maids, but likewise, if a woman wants children & has the option of staying home with them & being a “housewife” – there’s nothing wrong with that. CHOICES, people! Parenting is the hardest job there is and we’re already leaving our planet to a bunch of entitled, whiny people incapable of successfully and positively dealing with the realities of life; maybe if we had more stay at home moms (or dads) that we were lifting up, supporting and appreciating, we wouldn’t have a bunch miniature assholes running around. My point is…

Just as men do, women also contribute much to society and to the world. Realize that & respect it.



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