French Fried Crack

Today I am pondering the tastiness (or lack thereof) of French fries. It seems Ore Ida French fries taste better than all other French fries in The Land of Fried Potatoes.
Is it the pattern of the cut?
Is it because they’re cut and packaged within 30 minutes of being peeled (according to the commercial I saw two minutes ago)?
Is it because pre-packaged, unhealthy foods are inevitably more delicious than everything else?
That couldn’t be it because there are other pre-packaged French fries that don’t taste nearly as delightful as Ore Ida.
Do they add something to them before they package them? You know, something addictive like…crack?

Yeah…I’m gonna go with that.
Ore Ida: Pre-Packaged Home-Fried Crack. Mystery solved. I’m pretty sure I should get paid a hefty endorsement fee for this.


2 thoughts on “French Fried Crack

  1. I have always said that Ore Ida is the best. However, I have to say that there is another in great competition – our favorite restaurant French Fries are now pre-packaged frozen and sold in stores (I have seen them at Wal-Mart). I have purchased them, cooked them, and ate them all myself. So Yummy!!! Try them out for yourself. I bet Ore Ida makes them!! I don’t know because I didn’t look. And, no, they are not McDonald’s, though, McDonald’s are my SECOND favorite fries. You know what the BEST fries are!!!
    I love you!! Momma

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    • And we wouldn’t want to tell everyone else that Checker’s fries are the best because then they might buy them all up and we would never have any. Oh wait, did I just let the cat out of the bag? Oops.

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