All Moms Are Spies

I think I have successfully cemented my place as “the cool mom” among my son & his friends. They told me all sorts of personal fun facts they wouldn’t typically tell an adult: who likes who, who doesn’t, who wrote who a love note, etc.
What Minion #1 doesn’t realize is that I am now perfectly positioned to make sure he never really gets away with anything. I have teachers, other parents & friends that let me know what he’s up to and NOW I have even brought his friends over to my side. *Evil laugh* Just in time for puberty!!

I do believe they call this ‘good parenting.’ 😉

Psttt…Don’t forget you can vote on the Harry Potter Booger Vulture for another however many days I randomly decide. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click the link for a chance to let your voice be heard on this very powerful & global issue. Share with your friends so they can vote, too. 😀


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