Ammonia Vs. Pneumonia

Stop! It’s Grammar Time!
Nobody in the history of grammar nazi’s has ever made that joke, right?
Here’s today’s lesson (inspired by my dear sweet husband who knows the difference but refuses to acknowledge it simply because it irritates the crap out of me):

People do not catch “the ammonia.” However, they can catch “pneumonia.” (Ask me why pneumonia has a “p” in it and all I can tell you is that the “p” is silent. Some questions are meant to go unanswered).

Ammonia is a colorless gas comprised of nitrogen & hydrogen which has a very distinct and pungent smell.

Pneumonia is a lung infection.

No one is catching a smelly gas infection of the lungs and no one is cleaning with, making pharmaceuticals from, or urinating pneumonia. Cleaning with products that contain ammonia, such as bleach, may prevent one from coming down with pneumonia. But if done improperly, you’ll just end up dizzy and passed out on the kitchen floor marinating in the fumes. I suppose, in that way, one could say they “caught the ammonia.”


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