🎤I’m Blue 🎶

My girls decided to put food coloring in their bath water. I’ve let them do this many times and they did a great job helping with the house this morning so I let them have at it with some neon colors I had left over after we made exploding rainbows yesterday.

They had a good time playing in the water & pretending they were visiting the Caribbean. AND THEN….
*Nothing good ever comes behind an all caps ‘and then’….*
Princess Sassypants got out of the tub, came into the living room wearing a beautiful dress and a towel wrapped around her platinum blonde hair. She said, “I’ve decided you don’t want me laying in turquoise water.”
She had my full attention at this point. Curious, I asked why not, though I’m pretty sure I already knew the answer. 
“Because THIS!” Then she whipped the towel off of her head dramatically, and pointed to her hair. Her neck, her hair, and half of her forehead are tinged in a lovely shade of blue. 
Then I see The Cuteness walk out of the bathroom wearing a blue dress and she’s a splotchy blue everywhere else, too. She looks like a Smurf exploded on her. 




 Pardon their unbrushed hair, but I had to document this quickly. I guess those neon dyes are a lot more potent than the regular food coloring…oops. 

On the bright side, I cannot stop laughing. 😂😂😂

Update: I just checked the bathroom and it appears they somehow managed to snag an entire container of food coloring and used a full bottle of neon blue, and a full bottle of regular blue in addition to the meager leftovers I gave them. This (& an entire day of cleaning the bathroom, plus losing 100 points) is what they get. I wish I could say I’m still laughing… :/ 

I’m blue ahbadidadada!


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