A for Effort

So, my 7 year old begged me to let her cut grass. She saw her 11 year old brother outside mowing the back yard and she wanted to earn points for a later bedtime tonight and she was willing to work for it. I thought I’d let her try.

her brother teaching her how to push & hold the bar down

I find it a little funny that she chose one of his shirts and a school skirt to mow in.


She’s got it now! And despite the look on her face in this photo, I promise she really wanted to do this! lol She was quite proud of herself afterward.
She did a lot of work in that back yard and her brother was even impressed enough to offer to give her some of his own points for helping him.

The result:


Does this means we’re hardcore Alabama fans or is that an anarchy symbol? Perhaps it’s an A for Effort??
I think they both still need a little practice. 


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