Poll: Dem or Deez?

You know what happens when you go to the store for 15 minutes and leave your kids with your most awesome guy friend? You come home to find your daughters & his daughters have formed an alliance to make him “get his gorgeous on” using your makeup and items from your closet. 
    This dress is from my high school prom, but guess what?! I can still wear it! (And apparently so can bearded men…)

So, inquiring minds want to know:

Who wore it better? Chris looks pretty fabulous, but his brown boots are totally clashing with my black dress. Cast your vote in the comments! It’s all in fun! πŸ™‚ 

*****^^^^^^Deez^^^^^^ or ^^^^^^Dem^^^^^^???*****
Many thanks to my friend Jamie for the picture of me and for allowing me to publicly share photos of her husband playing dress up with my things. Because that’s not weird at all. (That’s not sarcasm…I mean it. My friends are the best!) 

34 thoughts on “Poll: Dem or Deez?

  1. Even though you look spiffy, i ha e to cast my vote for chris (deez) the,boots and the blue hair really set it off.

  2. You wore it better lol Love it! This is the bethylicious awesomeness I miss πŸ™‚ – Ms. Wiki πŸ˜‰ lol

  3. I am so torn! You look amazing, and anybody who fits in anything from high school after 3 kids gets my vote. So, Dem. But I gotta give it to Chris, the dress really shows off his tats. Very nice.

    • Thank you Erin! I’m glad someone appreciates my “three kids later and I can still wear this” moment! Of course, Chris probably stretched it out a tiny bit for me so I can’t praise myself too much lol.

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