Praise Be Unto Thee (Who Cleaneth Thy Living Room)

Remember when I shared the holy grail with you? 

Well, we are still rocking the points system. We have changed some point values, added things, taken away things…but the idea is still the same. The kids have gotten so used to it that we don’t even need the list anymore. The only time we use it is when I need an idea for something they can earn points for that they haven’t done in a while. 

We have had less groundings because the deduction of points seems to be a sufficient punishment in itself for the most part, especially when you have children that are often in the red. We decided if the kids have negative points there won’t be any TV, electronics, playtime, etc. until they are positive again (so logical & adult-y, right?!) so they work harder to earn those privileges & to keep them. 

We used to have it set up where they bought their TV and iPad time using points, but now we just allow them to do those things provided they’ve completed homework, chores, and do not have negative points. It’s not like they get an over abundance of that during the school year anyway. They can spend points on a later bedtime if there’s a show they want to stay up and watch or something, but only after we have verified their grades are in good standing (so it doesn’t start until after the first progress report) and we don’t have trouble waking them up the next morning. As soon as getting up becomes a problem or grades drop below a B, later bedtimes are off the table. 

My girls are negative right now because both of them keep losing, or wasting toiletries. Both girls are constantly losing their toothbrushes or using their shampoo/conditioner/body soap/hand soap to make “potions” or other imaginative girly things with them so, with the help of some Facebook friends we came up with a solution: make them buy their toiletries with points. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner. The girls both had to buy a toothbrush, toothpaste, and body wash last night which put them both in the red. I told them they’d have to earn those points back before they could have free time today. I gave them an easy opportunity though. 

I felt a wee bit biblical this morning. Also, my handwriting looks atrocious…But on the bright side, you think I can convince them that this is actually a verse from the bible? 

We shall see who jumps on it first. I’m just so glad this points system is working for them. Minion #1 even saved up enough points to buy himself his very own android tablet & a case to go with it. Minion #3 is currently saving her points to buy (I kid you not) her very own jar of pickles. Pickles. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I see her priorities rest very heavily on food. Minion #2 isn’t saving for anything specific just yet. She gets in the most trouble out of all of them; sometimes I think she just earns points so that I can take them away, lol. She will get there. I’m going to try to get her to set a goal as soon as she gets back to black. See what I did there? :p 

Have you tried any of these methods with your kids? How successful (or not) have your attempts been? What things work for you? Maybe I can get some insight on other ways I can help inspire and motivate my strong-willed middle child from your comments! πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading! 

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