Only A Rare Unicorn Could Stop At Five…

Blog Challenge, Day 7: My 5 Favorite Songs

Much like quotes, I don’t have favorite songs either. I have a favorite of the day or maybe the week, but not any all time favorites. Still, I’m going to give it a try. In no particular order:

In remembrance of friends and our adolescence, this will always be a favorite.

It’s true…girls go crazy over some Journey. I have some fun memories involving this song, one of my best friends, a starlit back road, windows down, & very loud, obnoxious singing voices. I’m posting the Glee version because it gives me some good memories with a different friend on a different day.

One of my current favorite songs. I relate to it, it reminds me of my Granddaddy, & I love the sound of Chris Stapleton’s voice & the way his albums sound like classic country, rock and a little bit of blues all in one.

I really want to put all the things by Thomas Rhett on this list, but I’m going to refrain because I only have two more spots left. Another song I relate to:

Last, but not least: my favorite pianist.

It was so hard to just pick five! What would be on your list?


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