What’s In Your Purse?

As you all know, a woman’s purse is a magical jungle of mystery with which she is often accused of “carrying around the kitchen sink,” or “carrying everything but the kitchen sink.” What’s this obsession with sinks, guys? Maybe you don’t like the pile of receipts, the business cards or the first aid kit we carry around in the deep, dark depths of our bags, but A.) it sure comes in handy when you need to return something, find a store you wanted to visit, but can’t remember the name of, or when you need a band-aid!  B.) It’s our shoulders & arms being weighed down so if we want to carry a diaper bag, 49 kinds of lip balm , a camera & enough water to supply a small developing country for a month, we can!

Today I’m going to show you the contents of my purse. I was hoping it would be like it usually is (with something ridiculous inside which has a great story) but it was surprisingly tame this time around.


I would also like to point out that I’m not much of a purse person to be honest – I prefer wallets – but I’ve found one to be necessary and helpful since I’ve had kids. I’ve discovered I like small ones because I’m not a “kitchen sink” kind of girl & also because my purse usually ends up looking like a homemade cheerio bomb exploded in it & thus, it’s best not to give myself too much room to play with. I have two favorites: My denim purse which my really creative & talented friend, Taryn, made for me out of a favorite pair of my jeans, and this little Hogwarts purse, which when looking at it from the outside looks small and innocuous enough, but when you open it…


My enormous wallet is hiding most of the mess, but I promise you it’s not pretty in there. Let’s see what we’ve got.


  • Keys
  • Wallet > Inside the wallet > receipts, earbuds
  • Not Pictured because I forgot to include it in any of my collages is another set of earbuds that were just loose in my purse. I had to move a set off the side table to take all these pictures too. Count ’em – that’s 3 sets of earbuds. Clearly I have a problem.


  • An old shopping list. I left it in my purse because this shopping list came out of the planner that I made & printed for myself and there were still blanks left to fill.
  • Tons of receipts. I hope I put all these in my Walmart Savings Catcher…
  • Two of my daughter’s book fair wish lists, some of which she received for Christmas this year


  • Pills for energy, allergies, and headaches. What’s funny about this is that anyone who knows me knows I don’t take medicine of any kind unless it’s absolutely necessary. I can’t even stick to a vitamin regiment. I prefer a mostly holistic approach to health. The only one of these I would actually take (very rarely) is the Excedrin. Everything else was just stuff that my husband left in my car and I threw in my purse meaning to give back to him.


  • A random glove. The only explanation I have for that is that I have a son, but he’s long since grown out of these gloves & we have no idea where the mate is, so I have no idea why it’s in my purse.
  • Cleaning cloth for my glasses (which are not on my face) & a shameless advertisement for Dr. Moore. I’m wearing my contacts today and my glasses are in the bedroom on my headboard. My case for my glasses is in a basket on the other side of the living room, & evidently the cleaning cloth lives in my purse. I feel like this is a metaphor for my life. All the pieces are within reach, but I do not have my stuff together. Lol


  • An old lottery ticket. Again, not mine as I don’t play the lottery. The closest I get is scratching tickets that other people buy.
  • An old business card for the guy who used to do our taxes
  • An old Marathon gas card which I fear no longer has a balance, but instead of checking the balance like a reasonable human being, I randomly swipe it at the gas pump only for “please see attendant” to pop up on the screen, at which point I just pull out another card because I prefer not to see the attendant.
  • A bunch of other cards. Dog grooming, The Winey Winch (where I am going to go consume wine and paint one of these weekends), some other cards which weren’t important enough for me to retain the names of, a Winn-Dixie card, & a bunch of library cards.


  • 57 pens, sharpie & a dry erase marker (?) in case I come across a white board I want to sign like a middle-schooler? I don’t know. “Beth Wuz Here X
  • A random piece of tissue paper
  • Allen wrenches, a piece of Trident which I bravely opened and pleasantly discovered is watermelon flavor, 11 cents, a 50 cent Euro piece (we have Euros all over the place we’ve been too lazy to collect in one place to exchange) and another random piece of tissue paper not even big enough for my kids to wipe a booger on.
  • A knife because sometimes you need to open a package, clean your nails, or cut someone.
  • Purell, because you’re gonna need to sanitize after you cut someone
  • Lip balm, because what kind of person would I be if I didn’t have lip balm in my purse?
  • Campho Phenique which I keep on me mostly because my husband is always buying and losing them. This way, I always know where one is if someone needs it.
  • Contact lens case #3. #1 is on my bathroom sink, #2 is in my toiletry bag and I keep one in my purse for emergencies so that if I have to take my contacts out for whatever reason they won’t dry out. However, this bit of logic does me absolutely no good considering I don’t have a small bottle of cleaning solution in my purse or my glasses. No preparedness girl scout patch for me. *sad face*

The contents of my purse was pretty lame this time around. Please tell me you can do better?! Entertain me with the contents of your own purses & comment below! At the most, we’ll both get a laugh and at the least you’ll have a clean purse. 🙂



4 thoughts on “What’s In Your Purse?

  1. Sadly, I cannot provide you with pictures but you know this is true: First of all, Hogwarts or not, my purse beats your purse!! I have a an Elvis purse. After all, what self-respecting #1 Elvis fan does NOT have an Elvis purse!!! At least one or two in the closet that you can use on those important Elvis Anniversaries, i.e., January, the month of his birth and August, the month of his death, and any of the other months that are important just because Elvis is the most important thing about history anyway (beside Jesus, of course). And just looking at an Elvis purse will calm your nerves and let you know that there is a God and He is good because He provided us with this beautifully handsome man in all the world, with the most amazing and heart-stopping singing voice ever!!!!
    Secondly and not any different than any other woman – the contents: There are the usual tons of receipts and business cards and library cards. There are keys to the vehicles and family homes (my home, my children’s homes, my uncles home, etc.). A billfold that is far too big for my current purse but holds quite a lot of receipts, business, cards, identification, etc.). Cell phone, charger, and guess what, yes, even ear phones. Pens. A bottle of water (the rest of the case is in my vehicle and more cases are at home)
    The most important items that you need in a purse (all four are listed as #1’s because they are all equally important:
    1) Tissue and hand sanitizer – We all need tissue and hand sanitizer (and when I say “tissue”, my family all knows that I actually mean toilet paper because you just cannot have enough of this, anywhere, in case of emergencies. You know, like in a bathroom of some careless person that let the toilet paper run out). The hand sanitizer is just in case there is no soap in the bathroom or if you need it and you are nowhere near a sink to wash your hands at the moment.
    1) Toothbrush and toothpaste – No explanation needed. Who doesn’t always want to make sure that they can brush their teeth after meal, snack, and just because its needed???
    These items are so important – You never know when you might break down or get stuck somewhere or decide to live in your vehicle for a while!!!

    • I love that half of this is about Elvis, but what I love most is that you said you never know when you might decide to live in your vehicle for a while. Mom, I’m not sure what all you have in your purse, but I believe you definitely have some gypsy in your blood. Lol

  2. Sadly, I forgot to admit two very disturbing things about the contents of my purse.
    1) Any self-respecting mother and grandmother would have loads of pictures of her children and grandchildren to bore her co-workers with. Sadly, I have neither!! Nada! Not one! In my defense, though, I do have a cell phone with access to Facebook (if I have internet access) and I can easily whip this out and hold them hostage when I need to. So, I am not completely a horrible mother and grandmother.
    2) No Money!!! Out of all the things that anyone should have in their purse and/or billfold is money. I do have it on very good authority that this no money virus is catching on with everyone. Sadly, it appears to be an epidemic. No one has any money!! Literally. No cash. Not enough in our bank accounts to speak of. No credit cards because obviously if we no cash in our bank accounts there is no money to pay on a credit card. At least I am not alone in this department. 😉

    And, Yes, I do believe I have a little bit of gypsy in my blood!!!

    • I think Facebook and cell phones are replacing the pictures in the wallet thing so you’re pretty typical there. On the no money thing, oddly enough the only money I have in my wallet belongs to my kids! Lol. We have money in the bank, but it has to go to insurance, cell phones, school lunches, gas, and the kids life insurance; the fun money we saved up was just spent (on my credit card) yesterday for our tickets to universal, which will have to be paid back with our taxes. So…three cheers for the no money club! lol

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