3 Healthy Habits Nobody Cares About

You may or may not have noticed that I took yesterday off from the blog challenge because I had something more important to talk about than my 3 healthy habits. With everything I’ve been seeing online lately, silly writing prompts just don’t seem worth my time or yours, yet here I am anyway because I am determined to complete this challenge. And here you are because you must really love me, or because I tend to turn these boring topics into something silly & you’re trying to see where I’ll fit my rainbow-farting-unicorn reference in today. 😉 I don’t know that I’m feeling very silly, but we’ll see what we can do.

With that being said, here are 3 healthy habits, in no particular order, that I am trying to practice right now:

8754873e72b7a7587780120a619722f41.) Educating myself, but not necessarily in the ways people might think. I like to educate myself about broader and more important things than this one tiny little corner of the universe. I’d rather be wise than smart. I’d rather accept that I know very little about a few things & be prepared to learn more, than to end up missing out on so much because I’m arrogant enough to think I know it all already.

2.) Keeping my mouth shut when opening it wouldn’t be helpful. With recent events, it’s been a struggle for me to wisely choose my battles, but I think I’ve done pretty well. Only one blog post related to the topics that are troubling me & only one Facebook post. I’m usually pretty easygoing and there isn’t that much that really bothers me, but now it’s time for me to put a little distance between myself & all the BS before I have to get down off my unicorn and slap the mess outta everybody.

That brings me to #3:

3.) Disconnecting. It used to be that people needed to reconnect, but now we’re all so connected (to the wrong things) it’s ridiculous & right now I just need to disconnect myself from this world & go live in another one for a short time. This is why I read & watch the small amount of television I do watch. My biggest dilemma right now is whether I should continue reading The Fiery Cross, which has almost bored me to tears thus far (36 chapters in) or catch up on Once Upon A Time. Actually, my pasty self should probably just go outside and get some Florida sunlight so I can stop lookin’ like an eggplant-headed vampire; that would be an even better way to disconnect from all the BS and reconnect with the real world; I think I’ll do that. See, sometimes I give myself good advice.

What are 3 healthy habits you’re trying to practice right now? Can you identify with any of these? Do you also find yourself needing to disconnect at times? How do you do it? And, as a side note: What should I name my unicorn?


2 thoughts on “3 Healthy Habits Nobody Cares About

  1. Dear Bad Blogger Daughter:
    I relate to everyone of the healthy habits that you mentioned and I concur. Might I suggest that you go out into the Florida Sun and sit by the pool while catching up on your show with your cell phone phone app. That sounds like a very good plan to me. Kill two birds with one stone. As for me, I think I will just have a “Ladies Night” of fun this Saturday night and possibly rope someone into going dancing with me on another Friday or Saturday night (maybe Aunt Ellen). As for naming your unicorn: Since none of my children saw fit to name a granddaughter after me maybe I could convince you to name my grand-unicorn after me (If Female – Stella. If male – Stellan).

    • I went out to the pool yesterday and then realized – no wifi, lol – so no show for me. James and I went for a walk instead and that was really nice. As for unicorn names, do you think “Stellan” sounds too close to “Stalin?” I don’t want to freak the other unicorns out.

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