Everybody Is A Genius

Today’s writing challenge is about education. American education in particular is completely jacked up. Too much is expected of our kids at ages that aren’t necessarily developmentally appropriate.

I hate homework: especially when it cuts into family time, frustrates everyone in the house, & doesn’t benefit the child at all.

I hate standardized tests. All we’re teaching our children in public school is how to take a test. We should be teaching them life skills. Bring back classes like home economics. Show them how to cook, sew, manage money. Teach them to read a map instead of a GPS. Teach them how to write a professional letter, a resume, or about conflict resolution. These are things they should be learning at home, absolutely, but that doesn’t mean the school couldn’t support these things considering the amount of time they’ll spend doing those versus the amount of time they’ll spend trying to figure out what x is in an equation. The majority of kids aren’t going to use physics or trigonometry in their everyday life.

Do not treat all students as if they are the same. They all learn, develop, & react at different rates. They all like different things and learn in different ways. There are studies that have been done on the brain which will tell you a lot about individual people & how they process information. There are studies that prove one side of the brain can develop faster than the other and programs that can help encourage the slower side to “catch up” so to speak: why aren’t schools using this information? Instead, there are children going through life being labeled with disabilities & disorders which have been proven to be correctible; taking medicine, treating symptoms instead of the actual problem. There are families struggling to pay nearly $200/hr for tutors, various programs, professionals & medications to help their kids. What about the families that can’t afford that?

I’m not feeling particularly articulate this morning so I’m just going to leave this here. It perfectly sums up how I feel about education in America right now. Maybe we can just call me the Lazy Blogger today. I’m cool with that.


2 thoughts on “Everybody Is A Genius

  1. Absolutely!! Great job with this article. You are not lazy, you are just stating the facts. And that is something that everyone needs to get used to hearing and not get their panties all in a wad. As they said on Dragnet when interviewing a witness and he or she started to throw out their own scenario “Just the Facts, please, just the facts.” We have damaged ourselves and our own culture and future by the education and discipline system that is in place today. I say “Out with the new and BACK IN WITH THE OLD.”

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