I’ll Tell You Mine If You Tell Me Yours

Good Morning!

Today my challenge was to share with you some of my favorite blogs. Honestly, since I’ve only gotten back into writing this month, I haven’t discovered that many new favorites. I’m actually on the hunt for some new blogs I can enjoy so maybe you can point me in the direction of some of your favorites in the comments?

I enjoy this crafty blog from The Busy Mockingbird because she shares a lot of art & Harry Potter stuff. If you know me, I don’t have to explain why I think this is perfect.

I’ve never been one to watch a lot of video blogs, but I find Emelia at Trying To Be Good refreshing. She’s honest & open. I really enjoy that she shares the beautiful stuff in her life as well as the not-so-beautiful, banana-peel-on-the-window stuff.

Sadly, that is it for now. I used to have quite a list of favorites, but due to neglecting my blog in the last year (& as a result, the reading of others’ blogs), maturity, evolving tastes, & discovering that many of my old favorites aren’t even writing anymore, my list is lacking. I need to find the yoga & travel blogs, fandom blogs (surely somebody else on wordpress is obsessed with Supernatural, Harry Potter, or some other fictional universe I adore), mom blogs, anything honest & funny. What are your favorites?


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