Is It Laziness Or Tiredness?

Day 22: My Worst Habits

My worst habits are:

  • being bad at planning
  • picking at my lip when I’m anxious or bored
  • getting a specific Britney song stuck in my head; ironically the song is “Toxic” (just like her music)
  • starting things & not finishing them (which I’ve been working on for a while)
  • forgetting things

Another bad habit: being lazy about my blog posts when I’m tired, because there are a million ways I could have made this fun, but it’s 9:30pm, I spent the entire day cleaning, my feet hurt and I just want to go to bed and soak up a whole bunch of stillness, silence & cleanliness.

Goodnight, WordPress.

If you can identify with any of these bad habits, please share. What’s your bad habit? Have you been working on them? Is anything helping?


One thought on “Is It Laziness Or Tiredness?

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