I Cheated

I am determined to finish this blog challenge, but I’m still behind several days. I’m going to once again cement my status as a bad blogger by speed banging this challenge.

Day 25: My biggest regret – (aside from just using the term “speed banging”)

I regret not fully immersing myself in certain experiences because of fear or anxiety. When we lived in Germany, I feel like we didn’t make the most of that amazing opportunity. I don’t want to miss anymore opportunities; I want to make the most of the life I’ve been given.

Day 26: My hidden talent – is hidden. Even from me.

Day 27: What’s in my closet

I recently cleaned my closet so you won’t be having any fun in there. It’s just clothes, shoes, yoga mats and blocks, & a bunch of empty duffle bags for when we travel. The kids’ baby books are in there on the top shelf, my husband’s folders from previous motorcycle mechanics classes, & my husband’s very sophisticated filing system: a shoebox full of receipts, check stubs & other important documents.

Day 28: My most embarrassing moment

The time I told Ian Somerhalder, “your eyes are so blue” as if he was not already aware of this. I can be pretty witty and awesome if I do say so myself, but for some reason my brain cells chose that moment to melt into a puddle at my feet. I just want to go back to that moment and try not to be a bimbo.

Day 29: A confession

Talk to Usher. He knows more about that than I do.

Day 30: My hopes for my blog

I just want to be able to read it when I’m old & not cringe. I don’t have any high hopes at this point, but that’s because I’m still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up; if I can figure that out, maybe my hopes for my blog will expand.


I did it. I finally finished a challenge. It took me 2 months & one cheat post containing 6 different writing topics, but I’m calling this a win. I thought I would feel a sense of accomplishment, but all I really feel is relief that I don’t have to worry about it anymore. How do you feel about challenges? It doesn’t have to be writing challenges like this one; it could be anything. There are workout challenges, healthy eating challenges, yoga challenges, stupid challenges involving food items…you name it, there’s a challenge for it. Do you have trouble completing them? Why do you start in the first place? Do they give you a sense of accomplishment or are you like me and it just starts to feel like a chore? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments! 


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