I Like The Bad Ones

Today’s blog challenge topic is about attraction & love: what attracts you in love?

Let’s take a look at my favorite fictional characters/actors:

Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) *slideshow*

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Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles)


Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam)

Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) *slideshow*

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Johnny Depp (No further explanation needed):

There are others, but by this point you’re probably sensing a theme, yes? I’m attracted to the tough, confident ones, the kind of tortured ones…with pretty eyes, dirt on their hands, & who are a bit rough around the edges, with a big, sweet heart if you can manage to get through everything else enough to see it.

If you know my husband, it makes a little more sense now doesn’t it? When we first started dating he was a cocky, arrogant smartass…to everyone except me. Now that he’s matured he’s a lot less of the first two & probably more of the last one. I see little hints of him in several of these characters I love so much. He not have smoldering blue eyes, he may make me sigh & face palm some days, and Lord knows he loves his F-bombs; but he is a genuinely good man with all the important things a good man is made of: integrity, honesty, reliability, fortitude, strength, big, rough hands & a lack of guy-liner. 🙂 It helps that he doesn’t have hair that looks better than mine, too.



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