About This Bad Blogger


Welcome to the watercolor hole that is my blog. I hope you’ll browse around & find something you like. Everything I feel anything about goes here.
My mind poop, my parenting successes & dilemmas, my love of fiction, my rants, soapboxes & high horses, silliness, & all other things in between. Don’t ever expect there to be one cohesive theme here.

That’s why I call myself the Bad Blogger, because I break all the basic rules of blogging. Every article I used to read about blogging tells you to write about what you know, pick a theme and keep your posts generally within that genre. Tutorials, DIY, parenting, humor, photography, advice, art, music, books…etc. but not all of them. “You can have only one,” says the mysterious British voice in the sky…

img_9247What if I don’t want to stick to one theme? What if I don’t want to be put in a box? What if I want to hop around like a purple-headed, ADHD 6 year old on red dye #5 & coca-cola? I want to write when the mood strikes me, when inspiration hits; I want to write about whatever I want whenever I want. Another rule I break? I write for an audience of one (plus my mom because some things I want to say she’d wash my mouth out for…sorry Mom, just keepin’ it real.)

If you’re prone to rule-breaking or get bored with one-topic blogs rather easily, maybe you’ll enjoy the randomness here. Maybe you won’t. I’m riding this unicorn as far as it’ll go either way. If you want to know some things about me keep reading. If not, it’s no skin off my back. (Oooh…bad Outlander pun…)

Here’s a list of random facts:

• I’m a Grammar Nazi who (surprise, surprise) doesn’t know it all & still makes mistakes. Sometimes I leave out whole words in my posts. *Gasp!*

• At the time of this update, I am a month past from my 31st birthday. (And I assure you, it’s “birthday” and not “burfday.”)

• I believe life is all about balance.

• I believe ‘everything in moderation’ is a great basic principle to live by. The exceptions to the rule are love, laughter & bacon. And maybe try to go your whole life without drugs or murdering anybody.

• I like all different types of music. And, like that captioned photo (that I refuse to call a meme) we’ve all seen on Facebook, my tastes really do range from ‘you need to listen to this’ to ‘please don’t judge me.’ I will inevitably share both on this blog so I apologize in advance if I ever cause your ears to bleed.

• I love music. I love writing. I love singing. I love photography. I love painting. I love to create things. Unfortunately, despite my passion for these things, I’m no rockstar at any of them, which effectively makes that saying, “jack of all trades, master of none” quite suitable for me.


• I used to think the word ‘love’ was overused. I used to feel like overusing it cheapened its meaning. Now, I have a different perspective. I believe if there is any word in the world that needs to be overused, it’s definitely ‘love.’ We should love as many things as possible in the short life we are given because if we do anything less, we’re just wasting our time & everyone else’s.

• I’ve used scissors to aid in my consumption of spaghetti.

• It was fun & I would do it again.

I think that’s enough random facts for now. If you’re interested in knowing more, press that little follow button. 🙂





15 thoughts on “About This Bad Blogger

  1. This is one amazing blog you have here! Loved all the posts i went through which certainly gave me a good laugh at the end. Keep it up!

  2. Oh, I used to have a saint bernard and she was an awesome dog—even if she slobbered on everything! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Good luck with yours!

    • Ours is awesome, too! She’s the smartest thing… 🙂 I really need to update this About Me post though….
      Thanks for the well-wishes with the blog! I would offer you the same, but you don’t need any luck with your blog since all the pictures are so gorgeous 😀

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  4. just love your blog and nothing can say more.from my view its not enough to appriciate you for your blog, its more then that. thanks……..waiting for see more beauty in your blooging.good luck.

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