Pink Potatoes & Hair Storage

Oh wait…did I get that wrong? Pink Hair & Potato Storage: that’s better.

I shared this post on my SpiffySnaps blog last year, but I recently rediscovered it and thought it appropriate to share here as well.

If you’ve ever struggled with discovering (or just being) who you are as opposed to who you’re expected to be, maybe this can be helpful to you. And if not, there’s a picture of me with some badass pink hair so (I think) that’s worth taking a millisecond look at. 😉

10278367_mOh, if you read the post & wondered what the potato storage email said (I had to look it up, too, because I completely forgot) here’s some info on that:

Happy Monday!


Photographer Of The Week Say What?!

Hey y’all,
Guess what?! I’m photographer of the week over at BP4U Guides! I’ll add some icons to my sidebar shortly, but I was too excited about the news to wait. You can check out the post here:

And let me know if you’re a local photographer who would like trade sessions or something because this girl needs a decent head shot lol.

If you’re curious to know what BP4U Guides is, it’s a website full of tools and tips for photographers. I use their products a lot when I want to save time. It’s an awesome website run by some of the sweetest people. Thanks for featuring me this week! Y’all are amazing! 🙂

Hey y’all!
Check out my website where I reveal my new hairstyle + talk about the joys of being a weird mom and an atypical business owner. You can find the post here:
Don’t forget to share the post &/or leave a comment! I want to know about your struggles with balance, too so we can maybe help others like ourselves. At the very least, it would be cool to know there are other parents and business owners who have really awesome, funky hair 😉 Don’t forget pictures!! (& to share the post because that’s really important (: )

My Sunshine

After my first two amazing, beautiful children, I thought I was done. No more babies for me!! But six years ago today I was unexpectedly blessed with Kira – AKA “The Cuteness” – my vibrant, gorgeous, goofy, charismatic and absolutely charming youngest daughter. Each of my children is unique and special to me for their own reasons. She came at a time in my life when the Army owned my husband and he was always gone because of it. (Not only did he miss Kira’s birth, but he didn’t even meet her until she was six months old!) My granddaddy, who was my favorite man in the whole world and like a father to me, was dying which felt like the end of the world to me at the time. I was constantly stressed and worried and overwhelmed. I thought I couldn’t possibly handle another child; just more responsibility for me, another person to worry about when I was already surprised that I had even managed to keep two other human beings alive this long lol. Now there were going to be three?! And could I really handle another Krysta? Because, let me tell you, that girl gave me a run for my money lol but I’ll tell you about that on her birthday 😉 Anyway –
I was so depressed at that time; I’d cry at the drop of a hat, but still manage to plaster on a smile for my kids or in the presence of others. But then Kira was born and she was like the sun for me. She has brought so much joy to my life and was one thing that helped pull me out of that sad place I was in before and during my pregnancy with her. Her smile is infectious and she has such a bright light inside her that it’s nearly impossible to feel anything other than happiness when she’s around. I’m so thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to raise her and watch her grow. (As many of you have done with me through the help of the Internet lol). She has her moments of entitlement and sometimes she can be such a little diva but that’s part of what makes her so incredibly special. I couldn’t envision my life without all three of my children. They complete me. And Kira is the last perfect piece of the puzzle. 🙂




















Death To The BethBot

This is one of those posts. You know….one of those emotional purging, self-discovery posts that only people who really love you (or super nosey people that feed off the despair of others) wants to take the time to read. You have been warned.


Sometimes I am overwhelmed by anxiety to the point that I can’t do anything effectively. I mean, I can do things, but I can’t put my full potential or passion into it. It gets done, but half-assed. I hate to half-ass things. That’s why experiencing anxiety to any degree is a full-on suck-fest for me to the point that I get physically sick. Okay, okay…I suppose it isn’t exactly fun for anybody, but some people handle it better than others. For some, it drives them to perform above and beyond the norm. Why can’t I be one of those people?

Now, you might be thinking that I suffer from an anxiety disorder or something, but I’ve googled my symptoms (because that’s a fool-proof method of diagnosis, right?) and they don’t really match up with an anxiety disorder so much as just normal levels of anxiety inside a person that obviously can’t handle it in certain situations. Like work situations for instance. When it comes to work I must be perfect. That’s all there is to it. And if I’m not, I get physically ill replaying my screw-ups over and over again in my head as if I can somehow change them if I think about it enough. Half the time it isn’t even that I’ve screwed up necessarily. It’s just that my tastes and the tastes of some of my clients might differ in some areas so they may not care for something I’ve done with their session/photos and I feel like a failure as a result even though it’s hardly something to feel so strongly about. I want to please everyone all the time and I keep trying to convince myself that since I know that isn’t humanely possible I should stop trying, but still….I do. I keep trying for perfection because I’m wired that way. I was programmed to be a “yes person.”

In some aspects of my life I can handle saying no. I can handle being imperfect and I can handle the conflict that comes with simply being a human being whose likes, dislikes and tastes are unique. Like my family life for example. I can handle pretty much anything that comes along here at home with strength and assurance because I know the whole thing isn’t going to implode if I make a mistake or if someone disagrees with me. I just get up tomorrow and try again. I still have the love and respect of my family and I’m confident in my standing within our family. When my husband and I fight, that’s okay because it’s a safe space – I know he isn’t going to leave me or say disparaging things about me just because we had a disagreement. We work it out and we move on without all the nasty stuff. Plus, this is MY family and MY friends. If you don’t feel safe and confident in YOUR OWN space, there really isn’t anywhere in the world you’re going to feel good. In my comfort zone I am the best version of myself.

But when it comes to my work or social interactions with people I’m not that familiar with, I panic. At home, I have to play devil’s advocate all the time; I challenge my husband and kids to think about things from a different perspective and don’t always readily agree to whatever they say/want/ask for. But in other situations, it’s like a switch flips and I automatically turn into the BethBot. You know, the one who is so agreeable it’s mechanical. I can’t help it. In these situations, it’s really hard for me to find that filter in my head that tells me to take the time I need to think things all the way through before I agree. I don’t think, I don’t challenge – I just nod and comply like some foreign submissive version of myself that jumped right out of a 50 Shades novel and I’m later left with that “OH SH!T” feeling you get when you realize you actually can’t or don’t want to do the very thing you so enthusiastically agreed to.

Most people who know me personally will probably tell you that’s not who I am at all. I’m pretty much anti-everything that has to do with submission in any form. Those people generally see me as someone you can’t MAKE do anything she doesn’t want to do. I don’t take sh!t; I don’t like to give in. Compromise? Absolutely, but only when necessary. Being polite? Always. Okay, almost always. Hello, Manners Police over here. *waves* But giving in and doing something I’m really not cool with just to please a family member or close friend? I just generally don’t do it. I may not like telling them no, but I can do it and I have no problems with being honest with people I’m close to whether they like what I’m saying or not. You ask for my opinion; you get my opinion – good or bad.

Those who only know me professionally have not gotten that impression of me, ever. They only know the super-compliant BethBot version. I almost find it impossible to argue in these situations. I don’t know what it is really and it drives me insane. It’s like I completely lose myself when faced with purely professional circumstances and sometimes even people I’m just meeting for the first time. They tend to form an impression of me at the first meeting and I, for some unknown but clearly stupid reason, adhere to whatever I think that impression is (unconsciously, of course) until I can’t maintain that facade anymore and I explode with some emotional outburst worthy of its own bipolar award. In my head, I’m just being polite the way people are supposed to be when meeting someone new or interviewing for a position or just chatting with anyone in general. But apparently, in the other person’s head, I’m so sweet that it makes me an easy, automatic (& mostly inadvertent) target for being taken advantage of. It goes from me just being sweet and polite to me unconsciously trying to live up to the other person’s impression/expectation and only realizing what I was doing when I epically fail at it. And then consequently feeling an even bigger need to please them and prove myself.

My need to please, inability to say no when I need to and my OCD where manners are concerned is a recipe for stress & anxiety. Stress and anxiety are the main ingredients in me half-assing things and my half-assing things is a direct cause of more stress, anxiety and a big hearty helping of disappointment in myself as well as others’ disappointment in me. Can you see how this a vicious never-ending circle of despair for me?

So the only thing to do is to get everything right the first time around so that no one ever feels disappointed in me so that I never feel disappointed in myself effectively annihilating any anxiety or stress. Right…. :/ Because that’s so easy. It would be easier if I could stop just screaming yes to everything before I’ve actually considered whether what I’m being asked to do is feasible or realistic or even if it’s something I WANT to do, but the BethBot takes over and I feel like I have no control over her.

So my new mission for the next however long it takes is to kill the BethBot.


She is the source of a vast majority of my misery lately so something has to be done. I can’t stay in my comfort zone all the time and it gets really exhausting continuously trying to live up to the expectations of those that live outside my comfort zone. I would rather consistently be the version of me that my close friends and family get to see everyday; that’s the version of me that I like and that everyone else respects. She doesn’t let herself get walked all over nearly as much like my robot version. Any ideas on how to pull the plug on the BethBot? I’m all ears eyes.

Do-Overs: Live & Re-live

I want a do-over! Everyone wants a do-over on something, right?

(Dear Person Who Is Going To Eventually Invent A Working Time Machine,

Get on this do-over business for us, mkay?



The Entire World)

But, who says the do-over has to be reserved only for experiences which were less than what you envisioned? I think they should apply also to those things you enjoyed so much that you want to re-visit the first time over and over again.

So, as if you care, here is a list of things on which I’d like a do-over:

  • The reading of a certain young adult series with feminine, glittery vampires. Okay, I admit it – I read Twilight and I LOVED it. I shall wear my shame with pride! (***And the award for Most Ironic & Nonsensical Statement of the Day goes to…..***) The first time I read it, it just grabbed me. I won’t say it’s the best written story of all time or that the sparkly vampire business isn’t a bit gay, but when I initially read it, I loved it. I devoured the entire series in four days and during that four days, I can’t remember doing a single household chore, cooking, eating, sleeping and sadly, even bathing. My children were probably wandering around the house frantically croaking “Mommy!” while scraping the crumbling remains of day-old Cheerios off the floor to nibble on. I wish that everything I could read had the power to captivate me like those books did. (Except for maybe the bathing part. A girl can take a book to the bathtub with her!) Also, Dear DFACS, I totally fed my kids while reading Twilight. Back off. KThxBye!
  • Watching Vampire Diaries for the first time. I know it’s sad that my first two do-overs involve vampires, but this is me we’re talking about. I have a bit of a slight (un)healthy obsession with the fanged and undead. Correction – the PRETTY fanged and undead. Not the undead as in The Walking Dead. That’s just Filthy McNasty. (Although the show is surprisingly awesome.) Anyway, getting back on track………….

I started watching Vampire Diaries when it was up to episode 11 of season 1. By the time they were up to episode 13 of season 1, I was already caught up and had been waiting a week for that episode to magically appear on iTunes. We were living in Germany, my husband was deployed, I didn’t sleep much and True Blood was on hiatus; I needed something to do. So I gave TVD a shot and it was like crack, y’all. CRACK! When one episode went off, I immediately started another until I realized that I needed at least a couple of hours of sleep before walking the kids to school the next day and forced myself to shut the computer off. I couldn’t get enough of it. I want every time I watch that show to feel like it did when I was first starting it.

  • Dating the hubs. There are some things I’d like a do-over of just because they weren’t exactly the smoothest operations in the history of ever, but mostly I’d just like to go back to how fun everything was then. I was 16 and goofy and didn’t care that people thought I was certifiably insane. I said hi to random strangers in a Hammy The Squirrel sort of voice. And my boyfriend (now husband) adored that goofy version of me. It was silly and fun and adorable. And vomit-inducing to everyone else which just makes it that much more amusing for me! But then again, I LOVE things just the way they are now so maybe this isn’t do-over material so much as it is re-invention material. I just need to make it a point to have more fun. I was going to say I need to make it a point to be goofier, but if I get any goofier, this blog would probably explode from not being able to handle the copious amount of weirdness it is forced to contain.
  • The first time I told my son that little boy babies come from Home Depot and little girl babies come from Walmart. This is a weird thing to want to re-experience, I admit, but you didn’t see his precious little face trying to process this information. Priceless!
  • The first time I made apple pie from scratch. This one is a do-over I wanted because the first time was a complete FAIL. Luckily, I already redeemed myself in this area on Valentine’s Day. Say hello to my delicious friend:


I made mini apple pies, too, but at least one of those turned out to look grotesquely (and hilariously) inappropriate for the interwebs. So naturally, I took a picture! And I’m going to tease you with the fact that a select few have seen this picture and can vouch for its grotesqueness and hilarity, but I can’t bring myself to post it here because…honestly, my mom reads this thing and there’s just no way…

  • Do-over number whatever: The time I said “Dear Baby Jesus” and “your eyes are so blue!” to Ian Somerhalder. Did I think the man didn’t know what color his eyes are? He’s probably used those puppies on women since the womb and here I am gushing at him about his genetic makeup. *head-desk* As soon as I saw the man, all viable cells vacated my brain and I NEED to redeem myself. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t remember me or that he still won’t remember me after I’ve made amends for my brainless first encounter with him. What matters is that I remember and I can’t live with that distinctly, stereotypically blonde moment hovering over my consciousness every time I see this picture (which is hanging in a place of honor in my office) with my stupid, fat-faced, goofy grin on it.


  • 3rd Grade. All of third grade.


  • I’d like a do-over of that period when my two oldest kids were between the ages of 2 & 4. Not because I screwed it up or anything, but because I miss it and I’d absolutely record more of their little voices on my phone to later save to iTunes and play to myself on a regular basis. Their voices are so precious!

Side Note/Funny Story regarding the precious voices of my minions; I recorded a conversation while my husband was deployed the first time that went like this:

Minion #1 AKA Mr. Thoughtful: *Singing* I wonder if my daddy is coming back home…. *Pause* When he gets done beating the bad people up…*longer pause*

Me: Go ahead, finish your song!

Minion #1 AKA Mr. Thoughtful: I already! 

Me: Okay. *hears Minion #2 AKA Princess Sassypants singing aforementioned song in the background in her adorable barely 2 year old voice* Tell Daddy you love him.

Minion #1 AKA Mr. Thoughtful: I wuv you Daddy. I miss you!

Me: Princess Sassypants, come tell your daddy you love him. *She toddles over, doesn’t say anything* Come on, say ‘I love you, Daddy.’

Minion #2 AKA Princess Sassypants: Momma, I tink I poop!

That, I would not re-do in a million years except to keep it EXACTLY the same and hear it again and again 🙂

  • I would NOT like a do-over of pregnancy. Been there, done that, got the “PERMANENTLY OUT OF SERVICE” tattoo.
  • The time I let the kids watch Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire at the theater with the hubs and I. They were a bit too young for the whole rebirthing of a snake-like-looking-powerful-wizard/monster guy.
  • The time I let the hubs talk me into letting my young son watch The Lord of The Rings. He literally JUST got over being terrified of Smeagol and Gollum.
  • A few days ago when the kids and I did a table-top volcano experiment. That was fun. They smiled, they laughed, they played AND they learned. If we could relive that everyday, it would be fantastic.
  • The time I freaked my brother out with that Secret Circle theme music and he jumped 5 feet in the air from a laying position. Awesome!

I’m sure there’s more, but my do-overs aren’t exactly epic or anything so I’ll bore you no longer. 🙂 You tell me your do-overs now. They’ve got to be way more interesting than mine.

Until next time –


New Year, New Boots, New…Okay, So…Nothing Else Is New

Happy 2013 My Lovelies!



If you can’t make the connection between that first sentence and this picture than you’re missing great television.

So, we went on a short vacation for the end of 2012 to celebrate the coming of 2013 (and the fact that December 21st was NOT, in fact, the end of the world just because some Mayans couldn’t count that far or got bored and gave up on the calendar thing) with some friends that we made while we were in Germany. They’re stationed in Fort Bragg where hubby and I used to be. It was a lot of fun. I drove a 4-wheeler for the first time, got stuck in a huge mud puddle and had to be pulled out by a jeep. It’s no fun unless you get stuck at least once, right? Then we had to haul arse outta there because some electrician-whatever guy showed up and said “Hey, sooooo….I’m callin’ the cops! Happy new year!” At least he warned us, right?


Holli Bolli!



The hubs with Mr. Thoughtful…

DSC_2404 DSC_2435


Bolt-Ray getting his 4-wheeler out of the mud after my hubs got it stuck. There aren’t any pictures of him pulling me out because we were trying to hurry up and escape before the cops got there. What’s a family outing if you don’t get to outrun the cops together at least once?? Yeah…that’s how we do it in south apparently.


My boys 🙂





The Cuteness with her daddy. She was squealing the whole time. Happily of course! She had a lot of fun.

DSC_2490 DSC_2579

Princess SassyPants got a ride with her daddy, too. I think she enjoyed it the most 🙂

DSC_2627 DSC_2629 DSC_2653


And this is me and the hubs. The only thing that differentiates us is the fact that I’m wearing a giant helmet. I don’t like mud in my mouth thankyouverymuch.

After all that fun, on our last day there a bunch of us got sick with a nasty stomach bug. Yuck. I won’t go into the gory details on that one. Just know it was…less than ideal highly unpleasant <—both.

We came back yesterday and my hubs was James Dean McCrabby-Pants all day long. Grrr. PTSD + Little Sleep – Meds = a not so happy wife life. For anyone.  Except when I got new boots…then I was pretty pleased.

Then I went over to my mom’s to pick up my birthday cake at 10 o’clock at night. Did I mention that my birthday was Dec. 30th? Yeah, apparently people think 27 is old. I’m not one of those people, but that’s all I heard that day. “Happy Birthday! Gettin’ old aren’t ya!?” Um….no. I’m only as old as I feel and I feel about 17 – sothere!!! Plus, isn’t 30 the new 20? In a few years I’ll be that much closer to having grown kids and time to party and go on cruises and participate in drunken karaoke with people I don’t know. This is what life is about, right? …………..

…………Life isn’t about drunken karaoke? Well crap…why didn’t someone tell me earlier!?

What’s new in 2013? Nothing but the last number of the date. I don’t make resolutions so I’m not promising myself I’ll lose weight or drink less coffee or blog more or save enough money to finally *finally!* buy that elephant or baby tiger or husband (hello, Ian Somerhalder…..) I’ve been desperately wanting…

Instead, I’m determined to give my business everything I’ve got this year. I’m getting organized, making plans for promotions and getting strict with my scheduling policies and other stuff…finally starting my business account so my taxes won’t be such a headache next year. Ya know…normal stuff really. Not resolutions…..goals. Because no one sticks to their new years resolutions, but goals give us something to constantly strive for.


Now I’ve got to go catch up on my Vampire Diaries writing. I’m probably going to get fired if I don’t start posting there more often. But I need inspiration to write like that. So THAT’S IT – there’s only one thing to solve that problem.


Dear Ian Somerhalder,

Please propose to me now.

Yours Truly,

Obsessive Compulsive Crazy Girl – Your Future Wife

There…if he reads that – and more importantly, if he complies with my request demand – the fansite will have more blog material than they know what to do with. You see the sacrifices I’m willing to make for the good of TVD Fans everywhere? You should all thank me. Profusely.

And you can do that by…

sending Ian Somerhalder letters to plea for our union and also by setting up the GISHTB (Get Ian Somerhalder Hitched To Bethylicious) Foundation. We’ll be taking donations from now until the wedding date.

That is all. Happy 2013! May no one predict the end of the world this year.

Excuse Me While I Get All Fangirl On You…

I’ve had very little to blog about lately. Or rather, very little time to blog. Possibly both.

For those that found me through the giant web of  TVDFamily I figured you’d like to see this. (All others, I apologize for my suckiness & the fact that there is nothing here for you today.)

I posted it on The Vampire Diaries Fansite (Thank God I can make my own posts now instead of having to email them and wait for them to be posted for me – this is so much more efficient!) but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it here as well.

I made a new wallpaper today & I’m sure the Stelena fans are going to want to dagger me for it, but if you could press pause on that emotion for one minute (or 3 months, whichever) that would be great. Feel free to use this yourself if you like – just click on the link below the image to enlarge. If you need it resized, Tweet Me with your dimensions & I’ll resize it appropriately.


Thanks for bearing with me through my writer’s block & my fangirl moments.


The Girl That Needs New Material

Professional Photographer Magazine 2012 Cover Contest

Professional Photographer Magazine 2012 Cover Contest.

Above is a link to go view (& possibly vote on if you want) my entry into this magazine cover contest. I’m just doing it for fun, but it would mean a lot to me if some of you would check it out 😀