If Rabbits Wore Stiletto’s

It has come to my attention that I am a very peculiar person. Several years ago, before I moved to Germany, I wrote a friend of mine a letter. A letter that I never sent because I am notoriously bad at delivering snail mail to the actual mailbox. After getting “effing bored” with the black pen that I used on two whole pages, I switched to blue and the weirdness began. 

Image“Hey guess what?! Tinkerbell is a babe. They shouldn’t make Disney characters so…so…well just look at her! Like that. And think about Betty Boop! She’s a cartoon – a freakin’ cartoon – sex symbol! But the worst one…Jessica Rabbit. NO ONE LOOKS LIKE THAT! I guess it’s a good thing though because if women really looked like her, the whole male population would combust as soon as they hit puberty and all the other women would have such low self-esteem that they’d either shut themselves up in their homes and expire all alone or they’d just shoot themselves. Then the whole world would end and there would be nothing left except crazy looking human-rabbit hybrids with long legs, red hair and whiskers. I wonder if they’d wear stilettos. it’s hard enough to walk on those with just two feet; Imagine doing it with four.”


After that I made a plea for another friend’s address because I could never contact her to get it from her. So I asked the friend I wrote – we’ll call her ‘Friend A’ – to go steal Friend B’s entire mailbox so that I could write her a letter, put it inside the box and mail the whole thing back. I also said that Friend A should dye her hair blonde so that we – Friend A, Friend B and myself – could call ourselves “The Blontourage.”

WHY in the actual hell would I write something like that?! I’m not sure, but you know what? I love myself for it. 😉 

P.S. – Taryn,

Do you notice the cute firefly in the 2nd picture? Refer to our previous conversation this morning and then tell me I wasn’t meant to find this letter. Lol