Hey There, Tar Baby!

I have to be honest, y’all: this blog challenge is feeling pretty stupid to me right about now, but I’m just plugging on because I mentioned in an earlier post that I probably wouldn’t even finish it & now I feel personally challenged to prove myself wrong. Today’s challenge is to talk about my favorite childhood book.


I’m pretty sure this is the origin of my distaste for  ill-mannered morons.

I chose The Tales of Br’er Rabbit by Uncle Remus (who is actually fictional for those of you who thought he was a real person). Specifically Br’er Rabbit & The Tar Baby; it’s my favorite because my Granddaddy used to tell me this story all the time. He was so animated about it and I loved listening to him. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I tried to immolate the way he told the story & as a result, there’s a rather embarrassing video floating around of me telling it. Thankfully, there was no social media then. 🙂


Are you familiar with the story?

Where did you first hear/read it?

What’s your favorite childhood story?


Pot Holders Hold More Than Hot Pots


Okay, so…I have a confession.

Every time I see a pair of pot holders (mine are like one half of two pairs, but whatever) I get…concerned. I’m slightly terrified of them to be completely honest. Whenever I’m about to put my hands into these things I get a vision of all the creepy crawlies that could have climbed inside and made nests in there.

Here’s a story you can learn something from. Just imagine sticking your hands straight into a spider web. Or worse, a den of flesh eating bugs. And then my hands would get shaved to skeletons in seconds and I wouldn’t be able to open the oven so all the cakes would burn and I wouldn’t even be able to spread frosting over them to disguise the taste of charcoal and life would simply be over. You know, because the bugs would climb out of the pot holders and eat my whole body.

The moral of the story is that whenever you’re shopping for a house warming or wedding gift, you should totally go for the plain square pot holder. Otherwise, your recipient will get eaten by zombie bugs and will haunt you from the grave for indirectly causing their death and their significant other will hunt you down because they’ll be really upset about their lack of cake. And people do crazy things when they don’t get their cake. Like plant a nest of zombie bugs in your pot holders. It’s a nasty cycle. Just sayin’.

So, who wants to hire me to come tell your kids bedtime stories?