K…an We Talk About Text Etiquette?

Good Morning Friends! Happy Friday! (If you’re reading this from Facebook, for the love of all that is holy, just CLICK THE LINK. Thank you) 🙂

Now that the 30 day 60 day blog challenge is over, it’s time to talk about something else & today I want to talk about the alphabet. There are numerous languages, each having its own unique means of written communication, but for today we are going to focus on the English alphabet; just 26 letters is all it takes to create all the words you see here & many, many more. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. We can say anything we want to say with the use of just 26 letters, & maybe the occasional emoji (or not so occasional if you’re like me & people don’t know you’re kidding unless you use a smiley at the end of everything). What happens when we have all these magnificent options at our disposal and we choose to use only one of them? You know which one. That’s right…the obnoxious “K.”


We’re all probably guilty, but let’s examine this for a moment. Why do we do this? Are we just getting so many texts that all we can manage to muster is a single letter before we move on to the next text? Like celebrities: when you get their autograph they always write “best wishes” or something arbitrary followed by an “x” (or an “xo” if you’re really lucky) and a scribble that looks vaguely like it might contain at least one actual letter of their name. Then you get shoved down the line so the super important celebrity can lather, rinse & repeat with the hundreds of people behind you. Are we that important that we can’t wrangle up at least one extra letter? “OK,” perhaps? (Though, to be honest, that’s probably only marginally less annoying than “K.”)

What about the days when you were charged by the text, both incoming and outgoing? I can’t be the only one who got more than a little annoyed when someone cost me 10 cents just to say, “K.” For 10 cents you better have been sending me a full sentence complete with no unnecessary shorthand & proper punctuation.


I know the point I made above is now considered moot since the majority of us are fortunate enough to be on some sort of plan which allows for unlimited texting, so why is this “K” thing still so annoying? For me there are two reasons:

1.) “K” has too many possible interpretations.

K, what?

As in, “Ok, Cool,” “I’m looking forward to it,” or ‘K’ as in “whatever. I’m done talking to you, you chatty nerd.” Or, “I’m sorry, my hands were bitten off by a t-rex & I can only text with my nose. ‘K’ is the best I can do.” The most terrifying thing to go through my mind might be, “K. Because I’m going to feed you to a shark. Shark has K in it.”


135ee6abbb34c616b6b3144d97f77e65-jpgWhat do you mean?! There are no tonal clues with the letter K. There are no facial cues, no body language we can assess to determine if this letter is friendly or if this letter has nefarious, diabolical plans which include me ending up with a hole in my neck. Those of us with anxious brains prone to over-thinking need answers to these questions.


2.) Time. I am busy. Maybe not I get 5000 texts in a day because I’m so important busy, but I do have a husband, 3 kids, a small business, a need to take time out to exercise, errands to run, a dog to walk, bills to pay, homework to help with, & endless amounts of laundry & dishes to do. I’m busy the way most of us are busy so while my time may not be any more or less important than yours, stopping what I’m doing to find my phone (which, at this point, is basically always on a charger which is not in the same room with me) just to read one lonely letter & nearly have a panic attack over the possible meanings of that letter & how to respond (or not), feels like a waste of time, energy, & internet data.

Bonus reason: while I know this is not always the intention, it can be rude.

Of course, we’re all going to do it every now and then, but if you frequently reply with a letter when I’m trying to have a conversation with you, please know that I’ve thought about cutting you.

Me: Hey, love! How are you?

Them: k

Me: K, good? or K, bad?

Them: just k

Me: There is no such thing as “just k.”

Them: k

Me: *screams*


Can you relate? Does ‘K’ bother you? Why or why not? Do you have any fun reasons to add or creative responses to people who frequently do the ‘K’ thing? I’m planning a post on how to respond to ‘K’ and I’d love to see your best answers!


Vampires, Werewolves & Pants, Oh My!

I’m ecstatic to say that I got to go to The Vampire Diaries Eyecon for the whole weekend from Oct. 31st – Nov. 2nd! This is the first time I’ve gotten to enjoy the parties, the banquet, the contests, etc. so now I see what the big deal is. I even told my hubs that once I was able to do all that, I wouldn’t need to go again.


I shouldn’t have said that. I want to go again. And again. And again and again and again as long as they keep having them. That probably isn’t financially feasible, but don’t stomp on a girl’s dreams, m’kay?

If you’re interested in hearing about the con, seeing pictures, videos and extremely good-looking men in extremely well-worn, tight pants…just keep on readin’! Otherwise, feel free to move along.

Confessions first y’all; I didn’t want to go at first. I got my tickets thinking/hoping/praying these guys would be there:

Haha…just kidding.
Much better photo, right?

Or any of these would have been awesome as well.

If you watch The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, none of these people need introducing.

a493755aeaa9b46745e13f28d8da94bf e108a0dd9ff5864de01d0668b94ae3e2 The Vampire Diaries Ladies

Unfortunately, we didn’t get most of those. Instead we got:

Steven R. McQueen
Steven R. McQueen who plays Jeremy Gilbert on TVD
Steven McQueen (actor) & his brother Jessarae (musician)
Steven McQueen (actor) & his brother Jessarae (musician)
Jessarae's drummer, Lee Madeloni
Jessarae’s drummer, Lee Madeloni
Zach Roerig, who plays Matt Donovan on TVD
Zach Roerig, who plays Matt Donovan on TVD
Michael Trevino, who plays Tyler on TVD
Michael Trevino, who plays Tyler on TVD
Matt Davis, who plays Alaric on TVD
Matt Davis, who plays Alaric on TVD
Michael Malarky, who plays Enzo on TVD
Michael Malarky, who plays Enzo on TVD. If you haven’t discovered Michael Malarkey’s Feed The Flames EP, you need to. Everything’s Burned is my personal favorite track on the album and yeah, it’s a little weird, but that’s what I like about it. I’ll be talking more about this in a future post so I won’t bombard you with details now. Just suffice it to say I’m a fan of Michael now rather than just a fan of the character he plays on TV.
Kendrick Sampson, who played Jesse for 5 episodes in S5 in TVD
Kendrick Sampson, who played Jesse for 5 episodes in S5 in TVD

If you’re a fan of Chase or Kendrick, you should check out this article about their Q&A panel. I didn’t get videos of it and this details most of what they talked about. I was really impressed with Kendrick as a person. One thing he said that really stuck out for me was about how he can’t go a day without his bible. In the industry he’s in, I would imagine that sometimes it’s hard to maintain a balance between his values & what he has to do to earn a living. I personally don’t walk around everywhere with a bible, but I think it’s amazing and commendable that he believes in something strongly enough to carry it around with him and not let anyone or anything shake his faith. 🙂

Paul Telfer, who played a hunter on TVD
Paul Telfer, who played a hunter on TVD
Chase Coleman, who plays Oliver on The Originals
Chase Coleman, who plays Oliver on The Originals
Felicia Lester, who plays on The Originals
Felicia Lester, who plays on The Originals

MV5BMjI4ODE0MTUzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjk0NzUwOA@@._V1_SX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_& last but not least, Joshua Butler, who has directed several epic episodes of TVD.


I thought I wasn’t going to have as much fun if my second husband Ian wasn’t there (or Paul, or any of the leading ladies) but I was WRONG. I think I actually had MORE fun. The crowd wasn’t as big and chaotic, the people were so nice, we got to spend more time with the people who were there and I got to meet a group of great people that I wouldn’t have known were so great if I had been focused on the main characters the whole time. As a bonus, I was able to retain possession of my brain cells the entire time as well. When it comes to Ian I practically forget my name so I was glad to save myself that embarrassment.

I even left with some new favorites!

– I adore Chase Coleman who plays Oliver on The Originals. Not a big fan of his character (yet) but as a person, Chase seems really easy-going and tons of fun based on the few times I got the pleasure of talking with him. Plus, he can rock sparkly second-skin pants like nobody’s business.

Chase Coleman as Stacee Jaxx, Halloween night.
Chase Coleman as Stacee Jaxx, Halloween night.

Some people thought he was Brett Michaels though so…maybe I’m wrong? Either way, Saturday night he sang Rock of Ages at karaoke, which I heard was epic and I’m really mad that I missed it. I’m just waiting for a YouTube video. In my search for one, I found this little remake of a scene from the movie…it made me giggle. 🙂

And even though this isn’t the video from Atlanta, this is basically what we did whenever Chase was around. That, and swoon. I hope he comes back to future cons.

– I didn’t actually meet Felicia Lester, but we did exchange a rather enthusiastic “hey, I love your hair! Thanks! You, too!” 🙂

Matt Davis even told me he loved my hair right before we took this picture:

Sorry, this is a picture of a picture and not the whole thing, but you can see my purple hair a little bit which is what Matt commented on. My genius response? "And I love you!" Like he hasn't heard that eleventy billion times. Lol
Sorry, this is a picture of a picture and not the whole thing, but you can see my purple hair a little bit which is what Matt commented on. My genius response? “And I love you!” Like he hasn’t heard that eleventy billion times. Lol

Also, I hate my face. :/

I got this photo signed and he was such a sweetheart. He had to leave right after the autograph session so he didn’t go to any of the parties which was unfortunate, but at least I have this. 😀

I also have these:

Michael Malarkey (who I've loved as Enzo from day one, but now I just love him period. Such a cool person!)
Michael Malarkey (who I’ve loved as Enzo from day one, but now I just love him period. Such a cool person!)
This is the lovely group of people I got to attend the Saturday night banquet with. We sat at a table with Jessarae and his drummer, Lee Madeloni. They’re both incredibly cool people.

At one point, Lee asked me if I was a musician. I don’t know how he discerned that, but I told him, no and that I just like to sing. Then he and Jessarae totally put me on the spot and asked me to sing and I stupidly missed my opportunity to do so by blanking out on songs I knew lol. I’m just going to YouTube it and send it to them from the safety of my home because I’m a giant chicken.

Zach Reorig (Matt Donovan on TVD). He's such a funny guy. And so much more good-looking in person. Matt just does not get enough love.
Zach Reorig (Matt Donovan on TVD). He’s such a funny guy. And so much more good-looking in person. Matt just does not get enough love.


Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood). He seemed a little reserved at the convention, but I can’t imagine what it’s like to be constantly bombarded with people wanting to talk to you and touch you, etc. etc. all the time. Must be exhausting. And I got a smile out of him so you won’t see me complaining 😀
LOVE this guy!! Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert). He is SO funny. I talked to him a few times and I adore him. He definitely knows how to break up the monotony during the Q & A sessions. There are very few awkward silences when he’s around. He seems considerably more approachable than almost everyone else as well, which was nice because I have my shy moments (despite some of my friends thinking I don’t have a shy bone in my body) & it was nice not to feel that with him.

I also took a horrible selfie with his brother, but I don’t even care that it’s horrible because Jessarae is one of the coolest people I met at the con. I’m kicking myself for not getting a selfie with his drummer, Lee, though. He’s awesome and kinda looks like he could be related to Johnny Depp which…you know…is a bonus.

IMG_6677 IMG_6678

I have a ton of videos and instead of talking your ear off about everything, you can just visit my YouTube Channel HERE if you’re interested in seeing them. Make sure to check out the Michael Malarkey videos; he’s such a cool guy! In a nutshell though, I had a fantastic time, everyone was amazing, I want to go back next year & I HAVE to do karaoke. I have a year to think of an epic karaoke song to perform…suggestions?


New Year, New Boots, New…Okay, So…Nothing Else Is New

Happy 2013 My Lovelies!



If you can’t make the connection between that first sentence and this picture than you’re missing great television.

So, we went on a short vacation for the end of 2012 to celebrate the coming of 2013 (and the fact that December 21st was NOT, in fact, the end of the world just because some Mayans couldn’t count that far or got bored and gave up on the calendar thing) with some friends that we made while we were in Germany. They’re stationed in Fort Bragg where hubby and I used to be. It was a lot of fun. I drove a 4-wheeler for the first time, got stuck in a huge mud puddle and had to be pulled out by a jeep. It’s no fun unless you get stuck at least once, right? Then we had to haul arse outta there because some electrician-whatever guy showed up and said “Hey, sooooo….I’m callin’ the cops! Happy new year!” At least he warned us, right?


Holli Bolli!



The hubs with Mr. Thoughtful…

DSC_2404 DSC_2435


Bolt-Ray getting his 4-wheeler out of the mud after my hubs got it stuck. There aren’t any pictures of him pulling me out because we were trying to hurry up and escape before the cops got there. What’s a family outing if you don’t get to outrun the cops together at least once?? Yeah…that’s how we do it in south apparently.


My boys 🙂





The Cuteness with her daddy. She was squealing the whole time. Happily of course! She had a lot of fun.

DSC_2490 DSC_2579

Princess SassyPants got a ride with her daddy, too. I think she enjoyed it the most 🙂

DSC_2627 DSC_2629 DSC_2653


And this is me and the hubs. The only thing that differentiates us is the fact that I’m wearing a giant helmet. I don’t like mud in my mouth thankyouverymuch.

After all that fun, on our last day there a bunch of us got sick with a nasty stomach bug. Yuck. I won’t go into the gory details on that one. Just know it was…less than ideal highly unpleasant <—both.

We came back yesterday and my hubs was James Dean McCrabby-Pants all day long. Grrr. PTSD + Little Sleep – Meds = a not so happy wife life. For anyone.  Except when I got new boots…then I was pretty pleased.

Then I went over to my mom’s to pick up my birthday cake at 10 o’clock at night. Did I mention that my birthday was Dec. 30th? Yeah, apparently people think 27 is old. I’m not one of those people, but that’s all I heard that day. “Happy Birthday! Gettin’ old aren’t ya!?” Um….no. I’m only as old as I feel and I feel about 17 – sothere!!! Plus, isn’t 30 the new 20? In a few years I’ll be that much closer to having grown kids and time to party and go on cruises and participate in drunken karaoke with people I don’t know. This is what life is about, right? …………..

…………Life isn’t about drunken karaoke? Well crap…why didn’t someone tell me earlier!?

What’s new in 2013? Nothing but the last number of the date. I don’t make resolutions so I’m not promising myself I’ll lose weight or drink less coffee or blog more or save enough money to finally *finally!* buy that elephant or baby tiger or husband (hello, Ian Somerhalder…..) I’ve been desperately wanting…

Instead, I’m determined to give my business everything I’ve got this year. I’m getting organized, making plans for promotions and getting strict with my scheduling policies and other stuff…finally starting my business account so my taxes won’t be such a headache next year. Ya know…normal stuff really. Not resolutions…..goals. Because no one sticks to their new years resolutions, but goals give us something to constantly strive for.


Now I’ve got to go catch up on my Vampire Diaries writing. I’m probably going to get fired if I don’t start posting there more often. But I need inspiration to write like that. So THAT’S IT – there’s only one thing to solve that problem.


Dear Ian Somerhalder,

Please propose to me now.

Yours Truly,

Obsessive Compulsive Crazy Girl – Your Future Wife

There…if he reads that – and more importantly, if he complies with my request demand – the fansite will have more blog material than they know what to do with. You see the sacrifices I’m willing to make for the good of TVD Fans everywhere? You should all thank me. Profusely.

And you can do that by…

sending Ian Somerhalder letters to plea for our union and also by setting up the GISHTB (Get Ian Somerhalder Hitched To Bethylicious) Foundation. We’ll be taking donations from now until the wedding date.

That is all. Happy 2013! May no one predict the end of the world this year.

Thinkin’ ‘Bout Thursday

I love Thursday’s.

Thursday, for me, is equivalent to the rest of the normal population’s Friday.

Not because it’s the end of my work week, because it isn’t. I still like Friday for that very reason, but Friday has a really sucky role in the week department if you ask me. The only reason anyone likes Friday is because they have to go through Friday to get to Saturday.

It’s like being in middle school. You know…you finally make friends with “the cool guy,” the popular kid, yada, yada so on and so forth. You have this super-sized crush on him and he seems like he’s really into you, too, when he asks to come over to your house to “study.”

And then it turns out that he’s gay and the only thing he wants to study is your older brother.

*Do you hear the cheesy, comedy-night cymbals clanging in the background, too?*
OMG, it’s Justin Beiber!

Makes total sense, right?

No? Okay, let me s’plain it to ya. In that scenario, you’re Friday; your hot, older brother is Saturday; and Justin Beiber is just trying to work his gay little way up the ladder and through the rest of the week.

Honestly, I just wanted to make fun of Beiber (who is just pinch-his-cheeks adorable) and use the phrase “gay little way” in a sentence. Don’t judge me.

So, why Thursday out of all the days of the week? Lot’s of reasons.

Monday-Wednesday I am – pardon the expression – “balls-to-the-wall” busy at work. Especially Wednesday’s! There are Wednesday’s that I don’t think I’m going to make it through without a mental breakdown and a gang of white coats coming to take me away.

Thursday is the first day of my week not entirely suffused with the stress of life, deadlines, hustling to make sure the minions make it on time to their various extra curricular activities, and just hustling in general. In other words, it’s my lazy day. Thursday is what gets me through those particularly awful Wednesday’s, like yesterday. I think, “self…think of tomorrow. You will have an absolutely glorious amount of NOTHING to do on Thursday. Let’s get Wednesday over with!”

So, Thursday is my motivation to go all mob boss on Wednesday’s arse and just kill it.

It is also…

*dum dum dum*

Vampire Diaries Day! Or at least it will be in a week. Anything involving Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley makes me feel pretty darn good.

Don’t tell me those baby blues wouldn’t put you in a better mood, too.

No, I’m not a teenager, but I’m glad I’m not because my mother would never allow me to watch Vampire Diaries if I were, muchless watch it with me. And we have a date next Thursday to do just that, which means even if next Wednesday is the most sucktacular Wednesday in the existence of ever, Thursday will do one better than simply get me through it – it will make me excited about it!

So I know I said there were lots of reasons that I love Thursday and I only gave you two, but those are my favorite reasons and I also have 3 little minions I have to go get ready for a Minion Football Game tonight! That is yet another reason Thursday’s are great – I get to go watch my babies show off all the hard work they put in at practices the rest of the week.

Mr. Thoughtful is playing, Princess Sassypants is cheering and The Cuteness tries to do both at the same time right along with her brother and sister, only in the crowd & in that tiny, precious 5-year old voice that I love so much so it makes it incredibly fun to watch!

So, my stopping here isn’t just lazy blogging. I actually have motherly duties to perform. Like yelling at my son to make that big kid on the other team go crying to his mama!

So now, I’m outta here.

Happy Thursday!

Excuse Me While I Get All Fangirl On You…

I’ve had very little to blog about lately. Or rather, very little time to blog. Possibly both.

For those that found me through the giant web of  TVDFamily I figured you’d like to see this. (All others, I apologize for my suckiness & the fact that there is nothing here for you today.)

I posted it on The Vampire Diaries Fansite (Thank God I can make my own posts now instead of having to email them and wait for them to be posted for me – this is so much more efficient!) but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it here as well.

I made a new wallpaper today & I’m sure the Stelena fans are going to want to dagger me for it, but if you could press pause on that emotion for one minute (or 3 months, whichever) that would be great. Feel free to use this yourself if you like – just click on the link below the image to enlarge. If you need it resized, Tweet Me with your dimensions & I’ll resize it appropriately.


Thanks for bearing with me through my writer’s block & my fangirl moments.


The Girl That Needs New Material


Do you hate it when people write posts about how busy & overwhelmed they are? Yeah? Well then, you should probably get out of here because that’s totally what I’m doing.

Have you not noticed that I’ve been cheating on my blog here by reblogging posts from my SpiffySnaps Photo Blog? Yup, that’s me…the lazy cheater.

While googling pictures of lazy, cheating people this is what I got and it was too cute not to share. It helps that it kinda fits with my post 🙂

So why have I been neglecting you? It’s not intentional, I promise! Because neglecting this blog is like neglecting myself. It’s a form of therapy for me. I don’t like to dump my mind-poop on my family all the time because they’re subject to enough of my weirdness and I never want to be a burden on anyone. By posting here, I can relieve myself & those who don’t give a rat’s flea-bitten hind-end (<— Larry the Cable Guy! “Hine-Din”) about how I’m feeling, what I’m up to or what’s scrambling around inside that multi-colored, mystical forest of nonsensical nonsense I call a brain don’t have to stick around to read it. It’s a win-win. So the only way I wouldn’t be here is:

A.) I don’t have internet (which was the case when we moved from Germany back to GA) Or B.) because I’m too busy to take a bathroom break, let alone write an entire post detailing how I’m too busy to write an entire post.

I have a ton of things I could be doing right now that would probably be considered “more productive” by a societal standpoint, but I think anything that is going to save my sanity and keep me from doing hard prison time is a worthwhile pursuit. Let’s face it; I’m too pretty to go to prison! Okay, not really, but I am, however, too chicken to go to prison which makes this blog an asset to taxpayers everywhere. You don’t want to be making sure I get my 3 hot meals and cable TV everyday just because I couldn’t unload my baggage here and decided to instead, unload my new (awesome) gift on some unsuspecting, unfortunate individual who just happened to be on the wrong end of my psychotic breakdown, do you? Didn’t think so.

Now that I’ve managed to make a case for why my ranting benefits you, too, I guess I can get on with my post.

Where were we? Oh that’s right…busy.

Busy, busy, busy.

That’s a little misleading. According to that picture, I’ve been busy gardening or something…

Not true, but the symbolism is still the same. As many of you know, I started writing Vampire Diaries articles for The Vampire Diaries Fan Site. Who would I be if I didn’t insert a shameless plug here? (You can find the site by clicking the link above, but you can also follow me  – @SpiffySnaps – on Twitter. You can also follow the rest of the @Vamp_Diaries crew on Twitter with the following:  @MFDunn76 @TVDTweetz ★ @Miss_Lizarae★ @Phyrfli

★ @christinejnoury ★ @JacquelynBodmer ). *Shameless Plug Over*

So I wrote my first article (which I love having the opportunity to do!) and started on my second, but I’ve been unable to get very far with it. You all know I’m a photographer as well & I’ve been trying to kickstart my business here in GA again, which is very time consuming stuff. When you’re trying to run your own business, it’s like having a new baby; it takes up the majority of your time. I’ve had pictures to edit, new shoots to do, photos to share, website & blog maintenance, time spent marketing for new clients – not to mention I’ve been doing a few extra things photography/photoshop-wise to help out my family and also rabid TVD fans like myself. 😀

I’m not complaining in the slightest; I love the work – even the volunteer stuff. It’s fun (most of the time). Like any job, of course it can be tedious at times and I do have my moments when I’m just so tired of looking at a computer screen that I’d rather scrape my eyeballs out with a plastic spoon than filter through all those RAW images trying to figure out what to keep and what to discard, but it has nothing to do with the people whose photos I’m working on or how much I love my job. It’s just a fact of life; when you spend the majority of your time on one thing, you become restless and a little tired of it so you have to step back and take some breaks. Some people, clients in particular, don’t like it when you take breaks – especially if they don’t realize how essential those breaks are to your life and to the quality of your work.

This week, my breaks have consisted of band practice with my cousin (who’s album comes out in May! How awesome is that?) and practicing for voice lessons that I’ve unfortunately, but unavoidably missed the last 2 weeks in a row. These are two things that I love as well, but that do take up a great deal of my time.

I miss meals with my family and scramble around trying to find babysitters so I can go to band practice, which doesn’t make my hubs too happy I’m sure (even though he’s never complained about it once) and it does take a toll on me, too. Not that I’m complaining about it because, as I said, I do really, really love it; it’s another form of therapy for me that gets me through the week and I realize that with anything you love, sacrifices have to be made.

I just hate asking people to watch the kids all the time. I hate that my house gets unbearably messy because no one is here long enough to clean it; we’re just here long enough to mess it up and run out the door. It stresses me out! I hate that I only have enough well water to wash one load – maybe two loads – of laundry a day when I have 2 little girls that just can’t seem to stop peeing all over their clothes. I hate it even more that I’ve needed laundry detergent for 3 days and haven’t had the time to go get any. I hate not being home to make dinner…wait, what am I talking about?! What I mean is that I hate not being home to eat dinner with my family. I love not having to make it! 😀

When practice runs late, I miss bedtime. I miss story-time. I miss bath-time and I’m pretty sure that my kids haven’t washed in between their toes in a good three weeks. I hate that my kids might be missing out on school functions because I’m too tired to take them. Minion #2 needs to read to someone everyday so she ends up reading to the other 2 minions or to the dogs while the youngest minion is as happy as she can be to get away with doing nothing because she’s in pre-k and I don’t seem to have the ability to help her with anything lately that doesn’t consist of spreading Nutella on toast or getting dressed.

My oldest needs extra help in school that I’ve been too mentally exhausted to properly give him so instead he gets the lazy, half-assed version that goes something like this; mathblaster.com for help with math, starfall.com for help with reading, jumpstart.com for help with science…do you see a theme here? I stay so busy that I’m too tired to give my kids the attention that I’m used to giving them and that they are used to getting. I get behind on other responsibilities and commitments I’ve made and even though they always get done, it’s because I’ve sacrificed something important to me in order to make sure someone else’s wants and needs have been met. I’ve been short-tempered and impatient with my family, which is something I regret very much. So what do I do? I take a few things off my plate. I go with the hubs and get a new puppy! (i.e – put something else on my plate that takes my time and attention.)
Meet Saber

Surprisingly though, Saber has helped me keep my cool in the week that we’ve had him. Through the chewing, the housebreaking, the mild case of Alpha-Dog Disorder displayed by my Saint Bernard and the kids running around like wild animals chasing Saber and their complete inability to NOT pick him up and spoil him rotten – I’ve managed to be patient and deal with it all as gracefully as I used to. You know…when I only had one kid, no dog and tons of family around to help me with the one kid when I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

I love Sayte and she does make me feel better sometimes, but she is essentially my husband’s dog. She is so attached to him that, while Sayte and I love eachother, James is the one she’d take a bullet for…or chew a leg off for. She’d growl and bark at an intruder for me, I’m sure and chase someone off for the kids. Enough to scare them maybe, but my husband? She’d tear someone apart for him, animal or human. And this is the sweetest, most well-behaved, mild-mannered dog you’ll ever meet, but she loves my hubs that much that I think she’d go through an instant personality change were he in danger.

Saber, on the other hand, I think is going to be MY dog. After only 2 days of living with us, he was already following me around the yard. I walk, he follows. He sniffs around and goes a few feet away from me, but if I walk away he’s right there chasing after me. Now we’ve had him a week and he whines when I’m not around and his eyes follow me everywhere I go even when someone else is holding him. Something about his fluffy fur and handsome face calms me even when  I feel like I’m about 1.6 seconds away from throwing the first thing I touch. Yeah, it’s another time-consuming responsibility that I’ve taken on. I know I’ll get sick of the housebreaking and teething part before long, but the payoff is so great that I don’t even care right now. While Sayte is my lazy baby that lounges around on the couch during the day while my hubs, brother and children are all gone, Saber is the one who is up feeling playful and demanding my attention by doing impossibly cute things that make me smile. I need that in my day so that I don’t get so frustrated with my other responsibilities and so that I remember to take a break from them for something that is completely frivolous and fun. He’s far too happy and cute to get annoyed with. It’s like having a baby in the house again, which is something that I always loved despite the lack of sleep and the excess bodily excrement…

*Side note: If I follow you and I’ve missed reading and commenting on your posts it’s nothing personal. I’ve just been unable to find time to read everyone’s posts in the last week. Slowly, I’m working my way through the emails & commenting so don’t give up on me 🙂 Even if all you get is a “like” – I don’t just hand those out at random – it means I really liked it!

So, that’s basically my whole story. Between the new puppy, the operation of my own business of which I am the sole owner and employee, maintaining blogs & websites, band practices, my kids & all the duties that come with those things (and yes, I do mean ‘those things’ as in ‘my kids’), other people’s kids who – for some inexplicable reason think my house is the place to be – the house itself & all the domestic duties that come along with it (creeping their way in and multiplying like termites do), spending time with the hubs & volunteering to do all this extra Vampire Diaries related stuff (that I wouldn’t give up in a million years), *insert deep breath here*  I’ve managed to rotate my “Things I Can Reasonably Do & Still Function Like A Human-Being” knob to its capacity. Probably well-passed its capacity, honestly, but I love everything I’ve signed up for so the only thing to do is just to wait and see if I can manage my schedule well enough to fit some new routines in there that will allow me to cope with everything better. I think I can do it, but I’m going to need a time-management coach or something. Anyone up for the job? It’ll be a challenge – You see how well I’ve managed the last hour. My fingers and eyes have done all the work while the rest of me seems to be becoming a permanent fixture on my couch.

That’s an unavoidable red flag that means it’s time for me to get up, get my house clean again so I can breath and relax in it for a few minutes before I start working on pictures, articles & graphics that I’ll have to knock a huge dent in before my kids get home in 6 hours. *Sigh*…

Rosie the Riveter comes to mind. (What Would Rosie Say? Hence the “WWRS” title) This is what she would say to me if she read this:

OR she might say “YOU HAVE BITTEN OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW!” but I like “WE CAN DO IT!” better so I’m sticking with that. Thanks for the pep talk Rosie!

Someone Hire This Girl

I don’t normally do short posts like this about one particular thing, but since I got the opportunity to start writing for The Vampire Diaries Fansite (linked in the sidebar) I’ve had nothing but TVD (and photography) on the brain. I promise I won’t limit my posts to all things fanged and blood-thirsty forever, but for now you’ll just have to deal with my obsessive obsessiveness.

I saw this TVD video on YouTube today after Julie Plec (one of the writers on the Vampire Diaries) tweeted about it.

Apparently, the girl who made it is only 15 years old. It’s really good! I almost cried! And then I remembered it was the Vampire Diaries and while that is still tear-worthy material, it’s also drool-worthy material. And wink-worthy and cold-shower-worthy.

And then I had to laugh because I can just see myself crying, drooling and winking all at the same time while taking a cold shower…

.357s & Bigotry; Dangerous Combination

Monday: looks disgruntled.

Tuesday: looks smugly between Monday & Wednesday.

Wednesday: is plain jealous.

Monday: *takes off his black-rimmed coke-bottle glasses, snatches his pants down to his knees & put on his “gangface”* Why you actin’ like you Friday, Tuesday? You ain’t bad.

Tuesday: looks at Monday like he’s lost his marbles. “Thug” doesn’t suit you, Monday. Just stop. 

Monday: nervously readjusts pants & places glasses back on. Leaves his gold tooth in…

Wednesday: Stupid as he sounds, he’s got a point. You’re being awfully snooty, Tuesday. What have you done now?

Tuesday: whistles innocently. Oh nothing. It’s just that I kick the  of everything on either side of me. I don’t get too many days to revel in awesomeness so excuse me if I’m trying to milk it.

Monday: Well can you hurry up and get all that pretentious bull-dookie out of your system? I’m ready to get back to our regularly scheduled blandness, thank you very much. *briefly flashes gold tooth*

Friday & Saturday (in unison): Bland!? Speak for yourself!

Monday: rolls eyes.

Tuesday: Fine. I was Bethy’s 8th anniversary. Beat THAT!

Wednesday: Okay, I will. Wasn’t it Monday who got the Anniversary title last year? Big whoop, Tuesday. Nobody cares. Also, you are the one that a certain unforgettable Autobahn Fiasco belongs to so I wouldn’t feel too self-important.

Tuesday: bristles. That’s not the only thing! I’m the one who gave her the whole day with her husband!

Monday: Uh uh. I believe that was her parents, Tuesday. You didn’t give birth to her did you? You didn’t watch her children did you?

Tuesday: says nothing.

Monday: Didn’t think so.

Tuesday: I’m still special. All that happened on ME! And, she got 2 amazing other things so *sticks tongue out at other days of the week*

Thursday: Well I don’t care what you say, Tuesday. I’m more special than all of you because I am Vampire Diaries day. Tell me; what beats that in Bethyland?

All other days of the week: look down despairingly  in unison.

Friday: If I remember correctly, Thursday – right now, your Top of the List Awesomness is on hiatus until March 15th so don’t get cocky. There’s plenty of room for the rest of us to get put at the top of the list while you’re chillin’ at the bottom.

Thursday: runs off to find Katherine & devise a masterful plan to regain the title of ‘Bethy’s Favorite Day of the Week’.

End Scene.

That was getting tedious. By the way, Thursday will resume its usual place of prominence on my list of favorites on March 15th & no earlier. Unless, of course, Ian Somerhalder shows up at my doorstep on a Thursday – then I’ll immortalize that day in my heart forever. [And I’ll probably pee a little, too.]

Why don’t I just tell you that yesterday was the most amazing day ever (other than my minions being born) and be done with it? Well, mostly because that would be boring, nobody would read it and because I already wasted 30 minutes coming up with that ‘The Days of the Week Personified’ nonsense.

But to give a quickish recap of why yesterday was great, here are some highlights:

  • It was mine & the hubby’s 8 year anniversary (as previously mentioned)
  • I got to spend the whole day uninterrupted with my husband and we actually had fun rather than just driving around aimlessly wondering what we were going to do. We ate, we saw a movie, we spent too much money.
  • We went to a shooting range. Some girls get flowers on their anniversary. I went home with a .357 Ruger. I LOVE my husband!


Also on my list of fabulous things that happened yesterday:

Ladies & Gentlemen,

You are now looking at reading the blog of one of the new Vampire Diaries Fansite’s news writers! So not only do I get to share my regular mind poop with you, I also get to share vampire-related obsessiveness with thousands of other people. I’m hoping this will lead to my marriage to Ian Somerhalder, but I won’t count on it. I’d have to commit bigotry in order for this to happen, but I don’t think hubs #1 would hold it against me since he just bought me a gun. I mean, look at this guy. Would you pass that up?

So what should my first TVD article on the fan site be about? Opinions & suggestions not only welcome, but wanted needed. 🙂

It Took Me An Hour To Write This

It’s 12:18am and I just got done reading the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy. There’s no reason why I’m writing about it other than that there is no way I could go to sleep yet. I HAVE to talk about it first. I’m a female after all..don’t we kinda have to talk about everything? Or at the very least type nonsense about it and leave it up to the rest of you to decide whether you care enough to read it. Chances are, if you’ve read the books then you’re sticking around to read this. If you have not read the books, but want to, you’ll probably stick around then, too. If you haven’t read them and have no desire to then, surely, you didn’t even make it to this sentence. Either way, I’m continuing in my late night rambling.

I love to read and get lost in a good book. I’ve read a lot of books. Most of them are fiction so don’t start thinking I’m some highly educated person who likes books written in an old English language I could never hope to understand. I like Shakespeare, sure, but only after it was translated to me line by line by my 12th grade lit. teacher. If I tried to read and decode it on my own, I’d probably misinterpret the vast majority of it if it weren’t for the fact that almost everyone knows how all his stories end already without having read them. My point is that I like the feeling of being transported to a different time and place. A ficitonal one – because honestly, I live in the real world enough. When I’m reading, I don’t want real; I want fantasy. And pardon me if all the books I like are categorized under ‘young adult’…don’t judge me.

My favorite books are, not surprisingly, the Harry Potter series. I like Twilight despite the fact that it has sparkling vampires, Bella has no personality and that Edward acts more like a control-freak father than a boyfriend. I’ve read the Mortal Instruments series and enjoyed it, too, though now I can’t remember a whole lot of what happened in those because I devoured them so quickly I failed to retain any details that weren’t absolutely pertinent to the core plot in the stories. I’ve read the Vampire Diaries books and have ascertained that this was several hours of my life wasted that I can never get back. I’m unbelieveably thankful to Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec who managed to save the sorry excuse for story-telling that the books were and turn them into something incredibly addicting in the show.

I’ve read the Vampire Academy series and the House of Night series. Liked the first very much and look forward to re-reading them in the future…can’t say much for the 2nd as I couldn’t get passed the bad writing and the fact that the 15 year old main character has about 5+ love interests within a 2 month period that spans across several books. I don’t usually abandon a series once I start it (even if I HATE it), but The House of Night was one that I don’t care to pick back up again. I care even less about how it ends than I do the Vampire Diaries books and I can’t read more than 2 pages of those without yawning or screaming into a pillow at the stupidity of it all. The point is that as much as I hate the VD books, I still buy them (to finish my collection) and read them (albeit slowly) because I care just enough about them Damon to want to know how it ends and also because I like making comparisons to the show. I would buy the House of Night books just to use them to build a campfire for my kids in the summer if I weren’t so concerned about the waste of money that would be.

I say all that to get to this; in all those books, love them or hate them, there is always at least one thing that I can point out that I wish would have been done differently or an ending that I take some sort of issue with. That’s not to say that all books should end the way I want them to or that I don’t absolutely love them just the way they are, but there’s always that one thing that I can honestly say “I wish _________ would have happened instead” or “but why did __________ happen?” And if neither of those is the case the only other issue I have is feeling empty after I’ve finished a particularly good book or series. Like it can’t end and I’m left needing more of it, which is an incredible feat for an author, but is a sort of hell for a reader.

That is not the case at all with the Hungar Games.

It is the first series I’ve ever read that I felt completely satisfied at the end. It was PERFECT. Not that I wouldn’t love to read more of them, but I feel like there is definite closure at the end of the 3rd one and it’s not of the “and they lived happily ever after” variety or an ending so sad that you feel like it was a waste to read the book. It’s a perfect balance of fantasy with just enough realism to it to make it totally believable and satisfying.

I kept thinking I would be able to predict certain things in the books and everytime I thought a certain thing would happen, there would be a great twist that would totally throw me off, which is a good thing because it kept me reading. (It took me a day to read each book. 3 days total to finish the series. I have 3 children, a husband, a job, voice lessons & band practices so just take a moment to let it sink in….you should see the state of neglect my house is currently in.) That’s why I like the Vampire Diaries (show) so much. It’s good writing. Everytime we think we can predict something in the show, the writers throw us a curve ball and something we never expected happens. That’s exactly how this book is. I had been predicting (or at the very least, hoping for) something throughout the whole series, but after having several of my predictions proven wrong or twisted a bit from what I envisioned, I finally gave up on the biggest prediction that I made for the book only to find out in the last two pages that I was finally right about something. And it was sweeter than I could ever have imagined because

A.) I had already given up on it happening & B.) because it didn’t happen the way I thought it would; it was even better.

Now I am going to go put on my Captain Obvious suit (complete with cape!) and say one more (very anti-climatic & redundant) thing:

I highly recommend the Hunger Games trilogy.

Now that I’ve gotten all that out of my system, I think I can finally go to sleep now 🙂

Turkey Vs. Vampire

Bald Eagle/USFWSFranklin with his famous fur capEastern Wild Turkey, Gary M. Stolz/USFWS

I have (once again) been inspired by my brother’s weirdness. He and I are creepily similar except for the fact that he has a love for history (which is how we got into the conversation that prompted the google-search that prompted this post), where as I do not. I can appreciate fascinating history (but what’s fascinating to any one person is all subjective so does that even count?) or beautiful architecture, but for the most part, I am not one for remembering dates or even names for that matter. And the things I do remember are awesome – but useless – trivia such as what follows.

Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to his daughter detailing how he thought the Turkey would have made a better symbol than the Bald Eagle for our country’s national bird. For the actual article/web page I found this on, CLICK HERE. <—you should. It’s interesting! (Found at: http://www.greatseal.com/symbols/turkey.html)

Here is an excerpt of the letter pulled from the site listed above:

Franklin’s Letter to His Daughter (excerpt)

“For my own part I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the Representative of our Country. He is a Bird of bad moral Character. He does not get his Living honestly. You may have seen him perched on some dead Tree near the River, where, too lazy to fish for himself, he watches the Labour of the Fishing Hawk; and when that diligent Bird has at length taken a Fish, and is bearing it to his Nest for the Support of his Mate and young Ones, the Bald Eagle pursues him and takes it from him.

“With all this Injustice, he is never in good Case but like those among Men who live by Sharping & Robbing he is generally poor and often very lousy. Besides he is a rank Coward: The little King Bird not bigger than a Sparrow attacks him boldly and drives him out of the District. He is therefore by no means a proper Emblem for the brave and honest Cincinnati of America who have driven all the King birds from our Country…

“I am on this account not displeased that the Figure is not known as a Bald Eagle, but looks more like a Turkey. For the Truth the Turkey is in Comparison a much more respectable Bird, and withal a true original Native of America… He is besides, though a little vain & silly, a Bird of Courage, and would not hesitate to attack a Grenadier of the British Guards who should presume to invade his Farm Yard with a red Coat on.”

And the funny part is that I totally agree after having read this! At first I was thinking, “A turkey? Really? Like…Gobble-gobble-jiggly-necked-thanksgiving-dinner turkies?” But this totally changed my perspective.

And then I got to thinking: What else could have been a great symbol of America? And why did it have to be a bird?

My brother came up with bears, but upon further examination we discovered that bears are mean, violent creatures that pretty much attack anything in sight. America is full of bada$$es, but we’re not bullies (by nature) (I don’t think…….) (Wait…ARE we bullies?) so we ruled that one out.

Skunks aren’t a good choice because they smell and run from everything.

Deer just like to get hit by oncoming traffic. My brother likes the idea of O’Possums being representative of America, but it’s for military-related reasons and I’m not fond of being represented by an animal that plays dead in the freeway.

I would have liked lions or tigers, but unfortunately, those are not native to America and aren’t even ON the list, much-less able to be crossed off of it.

A tree full of buzzards awaits their favorite meal... Meat a la Rot

A friend of mine on facebook suggested buzzards with the argument that they eat things on the side of the road even when there is the threat of oncoming vehicles, but that just suggested cannibalism to me and I’d rather not be seen as a flesh-eating bottom-feeder.

Ducks came up. The only thing we could glean from that is that AFLAC would then be the mandatory form of insurance. And then what would our words-to-live-by be? A duck prancing around quacking the word “aflac, aflac” all day, over and over again. While that’s funny for insurance, it’s not so great as the American motto. {I pledge allegiance to the duck of the United States of America & to the republic for which it quacks, one nation in the pond, indivisible, with liberty and insurance for all.}

This is where it gets funny. A friend of mine (the same friend responsible for the buzzard idea, no less) suggested the wolf would be a great symbol for America. And I thought that was a fantastic suggestion! Only when she said it, she was referencing this wolf:

and not this one:


Which, of course, got me to thinking about today’s America which is so full of vampires it’s insane! A vampire should be modern America’s mascot. But what about this theory that our symbol has to be a bird? That could go so many ways with a vampire. Some stories say they turn into bats. Bats have wings! Which makes them, in my opinion, part of the bird family. Like the birds’ 2nd cousins twice removed or something. But what about vampires that don’t turn into anything?

Hello America. I'm your new national symbol.

Like Eric Northman, for instance. He doesn’t turn into a bat. He’s not a bird. But wait – He can fly! In my humble opinion, that puts him in the ‘bird’ category. In a very sexy, wingless, blood-drinking bird category, but a bird nonetheless. But if being an American native is one of the pre-requisites, Eric gets crossed of the list, too. He was a viking.

Then you have stories like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries (let’s see how many posts I can incorporate TVD into – I bet it’s a lot!) where the vampires don’t fly, but have other supernatural powers such as mind-reading, sparkling in the sun (which is more of a hinderance in the love department than it is a super-power), compulsion or anti-exploding-in-the-sunlight rings made by witches whose only other useful function is lighting candles with their brains. What do these vampires say about America? There’s a lot of good & evil at play here, super-powers, magic, romance, history…

blood-drinking, destruction, danger, death… (Let’s overlook that part for now, shall we?)

It could work. So as our representative American symbol, I’m opting for… *drum roll please* (And I know my mother will approve!)…..

Damon Salvatore. *Swoon*

If he was America’s national symbol, people would quickly learn not to mess with us. [Like Ben’s argument about the Turkey, except Damon is handsome, too! (Like the Eagle….best of both birds!)] He’s smart, he’s ruthless when he needs to be, but capable of compassion. He’s strong, fast, funny, sarcastic, doesn’t trust too easily & doesn’t hesitate in a fight. He comes with a handful of crazy vampires for backup. He doesn’t have to gobble or squawk at people because he can effectively deliver a speech; a speech that people will happily listen to because not only is he an eloquent speaker when he gets the chance to deliver more than just his awesome one-liners, but his looks alone would motivate every American female and dude with a man-crush to tune in. It doesn’t hurt that he’s well-dressed either. Congratulations Ian Somerhalder; the day after the Grammy’s and your character, after careful consideration & evaluation, has been awarded the role of Unbeatable American National Sex Symbol.