Sorry, I Got Nothin’

My challenge for today was to write about my ten favorite foods, but this is not a topic I care to write about, nor one I think people give a damn about. I’m feeling pretty cynical today. My girls brought home their report cards & well…the report wasn’t so good. It’s just got me down and honestly, feeling kinda throat-punchy. So for today, I have nothing to give you. No funnies, no sarcasm, no small chicken nuggets of death wisdom.

But in the (debatably) wise words of Dean Winchester…

Strike out GED, replace with High School Diploma, add something about pie and we’ll call this #ChallengeComplete.


This is Every Drop of Wisdom I Possess Summed Up in Two Sentences

Before you marry a person, make them use a computer with a slow internet connection to see who they really are. This will be an accurate glimpse into your potential future & will help you make the right decision.

With all the love in the world,

A Wise Word On A Wednesday

Why do people say, “word to the wise” when dispensing advice? Shouldn’t the advice-giver be the wise one? And in that case, shouldn’t the saying go, “word from the wise?” Unless the person giving you advice is not at all wise. In that case you would be the wise one for not listening to their dumb ass.