I’ve recently started writing photoshop tutorials after discovering there was a small interest in having them posted on this blog. Here, I will list and link you to them ๐Ÿ™‚

Be patient while I build the list as I have more ideas for tutorials than actual time to post them. New tutorials will be posted every Tuesday as long as I can manage it and once they’re posted, I will come back here and be sure to add the links. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let me know & I will try my best to add them!

Search & Enjoy!

  • Eye Pop Tutorial – How to make your eyes stand out with Photoshop
  • Baby Bella – Follow along as I show my steps from start to finish on a friends photo
  • Correcting Exposure in Photoshop
  • Sharpening in Camera Raw & in Photoshopย – (Down Temporarily!)
  • Using Camera Raw Plug-in – Learn how to use camera raw to make more precise adjustments before editing in photoshop
  • Using Layer Masks
  • Actions – What they are, how to use them & where to find them
  • Eliminating Distractions – how to blur the background of your photos to get a more creative & simple image
  • Changing Backgrounds Part 1 – this deals with how to change a background on a photo that already has a solid background to begin with
  • Changing Backgrounds Part 2 – how to change the background on a photo whose natural background is a bit…busy.
  • Simplifying Backgrounds – You don’t want to change the background entirely? This just shows you how to clean it up a bit.
  • The Process – Here I’ll show you my editing process from start to finish
  • Contrast Boost – Learn how to create more vivid colors in your photos without making them look fake
  • How to create a custom watermark/logo in photoshop
  • How to make a simple watermarking action

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