Dear Females; Part 3

To pick up where we left off from Dear Females; Part 2:

There are two things that seem to make the world spin. For women, it’s love. For men, it’s sex. They are supposed to mean the same thing, but sadly, they don’t.

And the even more screwed up part is that the females have all the control over what makes the guys world go ’round and (even though there are all kinds of love & it doesn’t have to be romantic to fill whatever holes it is you have in your life) for the most part, the guys have control over what women want most. Meaning you both can choose whether to give it or not.

Does that mean you should pretend to like baseball just because your boyfriend (or crush or any guy) does even if you hate it with the fiery passion of a thousand hells just to get him to love you? No.

Does it mean that you should let him talk you into having sex with him because that will somehow magically make him love you? No. It won’t make him love you. Telling him no; making him wait and making him treat you the way a boy who is becoming a man is supposed to treat a young woman – ironically enough, that’s what’ll make him love you. That’s what makes you a keeper and what makes all the other girls before you (assuming there are any) toys that he played with for a little while and then threw away. Don’t get me wrong; some boys will leave you alone after they find out you aren’t a hoe bag…it’s just what some of them do and a guy who does that isn’t worth your time anyway. So PLEASE STOP FOLLOWING THOSE KINDS OF BOYS AROUND LIKE HOMELESS ANIMALS! I cannot say this enough; you have the power! Use it and don’t give it away to some jerk who will only abuse it and you.

Should you let him treat you like a door-mat and let him walk all over you just because he’s “totally cute” and you want him to like you back? No. Because a guy that treats you like property or like you’re insignificant to him except when he wants something is NOT the guy for you. I don’t mean that he might not be the guy for you. I mean he isn’t. At all. Until he grows the hell up and starts treating you with some respect.

I have an inkling that some of you don’t even know what real respect looks like. I’m still talking to kids here, by the way, but adults, if this makes you feel guilty – you should listen up, too. (Oh and…Yes, teenager…you are still classified as a “kid”. An adolescent, not an adult and this next part is for you so stop whining that you’re not a kid – because that only proves that you are – and read. This is valuable stuff! Boys, this could help you out, too.)


BUT, I’m not going to share it until tomorrow so if you’re interested in what respect does and does not look like, come back and read Dear Females; Part 4! Better yet, have your teenagers read it…I’m totally doing that with mine because I’m not sure I could verbally speak to them about things of this nature without them (or me) running from the room screaming…with sweaty palms and a face 50 shades of red.


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